GoodnessMe Kids – a subscription box with a difference

Posted in Mealtimes.

If you have a child obsessed with unboxing videos on YouTube, you are going to love the latest subscription box from Goodness Me.

Helping others make healthy choices 

Founder Peta Shulman says GoodnessMe is all about preventative health. Five years ago Peta suffered from an autoimmune disease and was told she would require monthly visits to the hospital. After seeking help from an integrative doctor, she found that whole foods and eating well were a huge part of her recovery.

Having felt the impact of good eating in her own life, she wanted to create something to help others gain control of their health.

100 percent healthy

The original GoodnessMe box is aimed at adults. Peta has a team of health practitioners – a doctor, a dietitian and two nutritionists – choose the food that goes into the box. You end up with a box full of products that you can be confident are healthy.

And now there’s a box for kids

There’s a lot here to appeal to busy parents. Firstly, you don’t have to worry about what goes in each product, because the team has already checked it out for you. And secondly, what child is not going to love getting their own GoodnessMe Kids box every month to open and eat?

The idea is that you see what your kid likes before you invest in your lunch-box fillers. It’s nut-free and only $11.95 month.

When I think about all the plastic landfill children gaze at in their YouTube unboxing videos, this box fills me with hope.


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