Please eat! Chrissy Teigen made a laminated menu for her picky toddler

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It’s no secret that we’re pretty enamoured with high profile mum-of-two Chrissy Teigen, and her latest adventures in feeding her toddler are yet another example of why.

“Trying to get Luna to eat”

Chrissy shared a laminated restaurant-style menu she’s made for two-year-old daughter Luna on the socials … and we’re not gonna lie we don’t hate this idea at all. In fact, it’s amazing and we’re quite keen to eat at this kid-friendly restaurant too!

“I have a problem,” cookbook author Chrissy drawls in a video of herself turning the pages of her DIY menu.

The video is labelled “Trying to get Luna to eat by being psychotic” and she shared it explaining, “I made a restaurant for my 2 and a half year old.”

Each menu item has its own page, photo and description, and Chrissy’s helpfully added the cost of each dish to flesh out that real life restaurant experience.

Order up!

We have to say the menu is pretty extensive and is making us kind of hungry. Dishes include:

Ham and Cheese ‘Lunables’ – Ham and cheese sandwiched between two buttery crackers. $3

Cereal with Bananas – Cereal with bananas. $4

Grilled Cheese – Gooey cheddar cheese between two slices of toasty white bread. $3

Cheese Quesadilla – Cheddar cheese and rotisserie chicken in a warm fried tortilla. $3 or $4 with chicken.

Crispy Fish Sticks – Rectangular crispy fish sticks with your choice of dip-dip. $3

Chicken Tenders – Crispy chicken tenders and French fries with tomato dip-dip. $5

Chicken Spaghetti – Italian spaghetti with chicken. $4

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“If she pays, she will eat it!”

Commenters on social media are going a little nuts for this idea, expressing their enthusiasm with a passion and asking questions.

“What happens if you run out of, say, berries for the grilled cheese’s side? will she be able to request the restaurant suggests alternatives? or ask for money off the bill?” one wondered.

“I thought about that and I’m gonna cross that bridge when I get there,” Chrissy responded.

“Are franchises available?” another person quizzed.

“With your choice of dip-dip” CHRISSY I ADORE YOU,” someone else gushed.

“I’ve never related to Chrissy Teigen more than when she said that her laminator was the best thing that’s ever happened to her,” another fan tweeted.

“Truly it is so much fun,” Chrissy replied.

“Why are there prices?! You charging her?” one follower asked.

“I feel like if she pays she will eat it (fake money!)” Chrissy explained.


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