Pregnancy skincare: “Creams are your stretch mark’s worst nightmare”

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A lot of changes happen to your body when pregnant, extending to almost all of your organs. While all of that is going on, it can be easy to forget about the changes occurring to your skin.

Jacqueline Johnston, co-founder of Body Freedom Urban Spa & Clinic shares her tops tips to manage your skin while pregnant this summer.

1. Vitamins aren’t always for the best

Pregnancy can cause a number of changes in your skin, thanks to your fluctuating hormones. Some women radiate with glowing skin, while others can break out, experience hyperpigmentation, dry or oily skin. This is normal; however, it is important to avoid some ingredients that we’d usually turn to like vitamin A, retinol, hydroquinone, salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide as high levels can be unsafe for your baby.

2. Be sun smart

Pregnant skin is even more sun sensitive. Protect yourself daily and prevent additional pigmentation due to sun exposure by wearing an SPF every day that contains zinc oxide. For daily usage, one of our favourite pregnancy-friendly products is O Cosmedics Mineral Pro. We recommend applying this all over the face – don’t forget the front and back of your neck!

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3. Hydration, inside and out

Due to the increased demand on your pregnant body, the need for hydration is even higher. With the added heat during summer, staying hydrated is key, not only for helping with skincare but also with health risks.

4. Creams are your stretch mark’s worst nightmare

Stretch marks are common during pregnancy, and the hot weather can affect your body by leaving it dry and itchy and prone to more scarring. You can minimise this by using a natural body cream daily. We always recommend Skin Juice’s Mummy Tummy Stretch Mark Prevention Cream to our clients, it provides nourishing hydration while also preventing stretch marks. Ensure you massage this into your skin to ensure your body absorbs all the hydration.

5. Treat yourself … with pregnancy massages and facials

During pregnancy, you will experience changes with posture, sleep, hormones and circulation. To help you remain relaxed, refreshed and glowing, we’d recommend a specialist pregnancy massage and/or facial. Our trained specialists often work on tailored pregnancy issues, including assisting with circulation and keeping the lymphatic system working effectively, as well as hormonal balancing.


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