This pillow for new mums is so luxuriously next-level it’s making us sleepy

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When one of our genius Babylogy mums spotted this deluxe, multi-tasking pillow, our eyes lit up with unbridled admiration. It’s the focus of an excellent crowd-funding campaign and might just be the next big must-have for new mums!

Made by a mum

Not only is this pillow designed to support new mums in a multitude of ways, it’s been made in consultation with baby sleep experts, midwives, GPs and actual nursing mothers.

The woman behind the BellaMoon created this helpful product after facing her own challenges breastfeeding her baby girl.

BellaMoon nursing pillow

Irene Breen says her daughter, Bella sparked the development of this nursing and new baby aid, and that she made a product she wished existed when she was feeding her own baby.

“Typical of many breastfed babies, she fed on demand every 2 hours. I was exhausted!” Irene explains.

“In order to manage my exhaustion, yet to continue to nurture my baby, I researched how other mothers coped. I discovered the wonderful universal lateral breastfeeding position which is practised by millions of mothers around the world to ‘Nurture and Rest’.”

BellaMoon breastfeeding and baby support pillowBellaMoon breastfeeding and baby support pillow

Close for comfort

Irene says that while this approach made a lot of sense to her, there were some physical challenges surrounding this laid-back position – and that’s where the BellaMoon comes in.

“Despite the enormous benefits of this lateral breastfeeding position, it can lead to discomfort for mother when lying in one position feeding for prolonged periods of time.”

“In order to address this, I created BellaMoon – a luxuriously comfortable multi-functional breastfeeding bed, designed around this wonderful feeding position.”

BellaMoon breastfeeding and baby support pillow

BellaMoon breastfeeding and baby support pillow


The BellaMoon shape-shifts to support new mums in a variety of helpful ways. It can be used as a pregnancy support pillow, a breastfeeding day bed, a nursing cover, a tummy time pillow, an infant feeding pillow and a baby lounger. (All under adult supervision, of course.) Clearly it would be useful to all mums, not just those who are breastfeeding.

This clever product is being crowdfunded and marketed for the United Kingdom (complying with British safety standards), with advice from Lullaby Trust, a UK sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) awareness organisation.

BellaMoon breastfeeding and baby support pillow

BellaMoon breastfeeding and baby support pillow


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