Milk Snob – the one cover to cover all!

Posted in Breastfeeding.

Looking for a stand out baby shower gift? This innovative product could see you hit the jackpot. From car seat cover to shopping trolley cover, the Milk Snob truly does it all!

Breastfeeding covers are a dime a dozen, but the Milk Snob is a cut above. It’s super soft, lightweight and breathable, with four way stretch – but the magic doesn’t stop there.

The Milk Snob is an awesome feeding cover up, perfect for helping an easily distracted baby to focus on her feed and of course, coming to the rescue of mums who feel a little exposed feeding bub when out and about. From there, it morphs into a snazzy car seat cover which shields baby from harsh sunlight, wind and prying eyes of curious strangers.

You’d be happy with two uses for the one cover, but wait – there’s more! Milk Snob adapts to become a handy shopping trolley cover too. We know, brilliant.

The Original Milk Snob Cover is available with a drawstring (US$44) or without (US$36) and comes in a great range of prints and designs. You can order directly from Milk Snob, who will ship internationally.





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