Legend Fifi Box wore her dressing gown and breastfed her bub during radio show

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The Project panellist and radio host Fifi Box is a devoted single mum to her girls Trixie and Daisy. Daisy was born three months ago, and Fifi’s now headed back to work with her baby in tow.

Keep calm and boob on

It’s not an easy juggle, but Fifi is giving it a red hot go – and sharing her pretty brilliant efforts.

“Multi-tasking at work involves breastfeeding,” she captioned a video showing her doing her radio shift in her dressing gown … with some help from tiny Daisy.

She doesn’t start out breastfeeding in the clip, but when Daisy pipes up and then gets a bit grizzly live on air, she takes matters in hand and busts out a boob.

Her Fox FM co-hosts Brendan Fevola and Byron Cooke immediately start giggling and recommending that the webcam angle be adjusted for Fifi’s modesty. Not sure Fifi really cares, but that’s very thoughtful, to be sure!

In the video, the breastfeeding bub is blurred out, but Brendan confirmed that it was pretty full boob from where he was sitting. Not that that matters at all, but you know it does to some people. All the more reason to breastfeed with abandon!

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A supportive workplace

Fifi’s buddies and fans LOVED this clip so much, not only because Fifi was balancing work and baby, but also because she was approaching breastfeeding in a very relaxed and public manner. Especially considering she was in the company of two gents who thought it was hilarious.

Not all mums are lucky enough to have a workplace or community that is enthusiastically supportive of breastfeeding. Perhaps Fifi’s post might shift the thinking of those who aren’t comfortable with nursing mums.

“We did have Daisy pop in on Monday and have a feed in the middle of the show,” Fifi said later, discussing Daisy’s booby appearance on the radio.

“She just popped on and we kept forging ahead, and we uploaded a video and I put it on my Instagram and I got so many messages. I wanted to thank all the people that wrote messages of support and in particular what I was interested in was how people were so amazed at how great Fox was.”

“It got me thinking, I feel for women particularly who work at companies or who have jobs where they’re not necessarily supported.”

“You astonishing creature!”

The feedback on this feed was brilliant.

“Fifi Box, you astonishing creature!” Zoë Foster Blake wrote under Fifi’s post. “Keeping an infant alive, quiet, fed and happy AND performing on breakfast radio, all on about two minutes sleep. I award you ten golden nipples.”

“I’ve seen this three times now and think it’s brilliant,” one fan posted. “You work with two super men, you are a trooper and well done to Fox for being such a flexible employer, so many companies could learn from this 2 minute video. I salute you Fifi.”

“Good on you Fi Fi, in your dressing gown, how we all want to be at work!” another follower wrote. “Love this so much, the Fox has been so great this year with working mums!”

Other workplaces have much to learn from this gang.

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Sisters 💕

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