Mum hopes her sanity-saving decision to stop breastfeeding will help others

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A new mum’s post about giving up breastfeeding three months into her parenthood journey is striking a chord with lots of other mums and confirming that all women should be supported in their decisions, however they choose to feed their babies.

Southern mum

It just so happens that the new mum in question is Cameran Eubanks, who Bravo fans will recognise from the reality series Southern Charm. Cam is mum to a baby girl, Palmer Corrine, born in November last year (and is married to Palmer’s dad, Jason).

Famous face aside, Cam’s decision to not only give up breastfeeding but to speak openly and loudly about her choice is one that many mums will relate to – and hopefully applaud. While lots of women breastfeed successfully and are happy to do so long-term, others are unable to nurse their babies and others still simply don’t want to.

“I am DONE”

Cam explained she’s not giving up due to physical challenges, but that it’s the mental load that’s making things tough – and the fact that she’s simply not enjoying it. She hopes by sharing her decision and the reasons behind it, she might give other mums some much-needed support and courage.

Cam was bracing herself for criticism from the sanctimummies, but has instead received a tonne of support.

“Today marks the day I am DONE with breastfeeding,” Cam wrote. “Gave it a good almost three months and I am retiring the boobs. Writing this in hopes it will make other mothers feel less alone.”

“You see, I’m not quitting because my milk supply dried up or because I’m sick … I’m quitting because I’m just plain OVER IT. By CHOICE. I know I will get lectured and judged by this but it doesn’t bother me. I need some freedom back for my sanity and the bottle and formula will allow that.”

Happy mum 101

Cam urged mums to make the decisions that make sense to them, and to make their own needs a priority as well (not just their cute babies!)

Cam’s story is a sage reminder not to fall into the trap of making decisions based on external expectations and to avoid the trap of being a “martyr mum”.

“You are NOT a bad mother if you don’t like breastfeeding,” Cam reminds us. “A happy mama is the best gift you can give your baby.”

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