8 special ways grandparents make childhood magical

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My kids love their Nanna. They are lucky enough to have her live just a few minutes away so they see her several times a week, and they just can’t get enough of her. Even after she’s left and they’re with me, they accidentally call me ‘Nanna’, and then look disappointed that it’s just me.

I don’t bother feeling jealous. I count us very lucky because not all kids are close to their grandparents, emotionally and physically speaking. Even though she spoils them rotten and gives them too many sugary treats, I love knowing how much they love her, and that they’ll always remember their time with her.

There’s no doubt that grandparents have a very special role in their grandchildren’s lives. They’re not in charge of setting rules and boundaries, so they get to enjoy all the best parts of parenting, including fun, laughter and silliness, and kids love this about them.

Here are 8 reasons grandparents make childhood magical:

1. They spoil the kids

Grandparents love spoiling their grandkids and they know that gifts don’t have to cost a fortune. Little second hand treasures and trinkets from their past make amazing presents and can be something they enjoy forever. But spoiling the kids isn’t limited to present-giving. Grandparents tend to be relaxed about rules and taking life so seriously, which means they’re more lenient than us. Naturally, the children love the relaxed atmosphere.


2. They have great stories

Because they’ve been around so long, grandparents have the greatest stories to tell about the life they’ve lived as well as the memories they have of you. This might make you cringe, but your kids will love hearing all about what you got up to when you were a child. Your parents probably still have photos and relics from the past that will help illustrate their tales so your kids will really enjoy them.

3. They know old songs

Grandparents have a remarkable way of retaining old nursery rhymes that we’ve never heard of. They use these to bond with your kids as babies and they become special tunes just for them. But this quality isn’t limited to nursery rhymes. Grandparents these days grew up when music was truly evolving and making history, so they know all the old-school tunes.

4. They love being entertained

Unlike us, who are often too busy to sit down and pay attention to all our kids’ plays, performances and stories, grandparents have all the time in the world, and they love it. The kids do too – who wouldn’t love having someone always there who thinks you’re the best thing since sliced bread?

Older dad grandfather with toddler at the beach in the water

5. They’ve got the treats

Grandparents love delighting their grandkids with little treats they wouldn’t normally get from us. Whether it’s little boxes of Smarties hidden around the house or a good old fashioned baking session that produces sugary delights, kids come to associate their grandparents with the good stuff.

6. They’re patient

Because they get to hand the kids back at the end of the day, grandparents tend to get the rest they need in between time with the kids and they always get a full night’s sleep. This means that they’re at their best when the children are around and have the patience and kindness of saints, which means kids get the very best of them.

7. They don’t mind being silly

Grandparents have been around long enough to realise that life is too short to be serious, which means they don’t mind getting down and silly with the kids. Gone are their days of letting discomfort and embarrassment get in the way of having a good time. And kids are exactly the same.

8. They get what family means

Grandparents know what it means to raise a family and they love being part of yours. Because they’re past the hardest years of parenting, they’ve had the time to sit back and appreciate how awesome the journey has been, and how special the family unit is. This means they have huge love for your family and the amazing job you’re doing.

Kids make the world go round, which keeps life exciting and meaningful no matter how old you get.


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