Easy breastmilk heating & thawing with the Nutto Mama’s Milk Warmer

Posted in Breastfeeding.

What looks like a Thermos, is the brain-child of a mum, and was designed by an aerospace engineer? Give up? It’s the latest gadget for warming and thawing breastmilk, of course!

The Nutto Mama’s Milk Warmer goes one step further than running a bottle of expressed breastmilk under the tap.


Just fill Mama’s Milk Warmer with warm tap water – it’s designed to retain the heat. This means it’s perfectly portable for heating milk on the go. It’s large enough to fit most bottles and bags, and has bristles on the inside that will hold containers in place.

The insulated stainless steel will maintain the heat, so the milk will be heated or thawed without too much of a wait. It’s priced at US$29.98, plus shipping to Australia.



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