Breastfeeding mum served bedside feasts and it’s total husband goals

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Food blogger, chef and TV presenter Eden Grinshpan shared a photo of an amazingly delicious platter of food her husband has prepared, and it’s got us scribbling down a business plan for postpartum platters (that can not fail!) – and wishing we had some giant bowls of healthy snacks toooooo!

Eating for two

You may know that we’ve written about Eden on Babyology before. She’s the Instagram star who blogged her foodie pregnancy in unique style, much to the delight of hungry followers.

Now that her baby – Ayv Rose Nivron – has arrived, she’s focusing on loading all the calories to facilitate breastfeeding – and stave off that infernal hunger, as well as familiarising baby Ayv with the delicious things in life. 

One particular image (below) had piqued the tastebuds and interest of the online world. It features Eden breastfeeding her baby, alongside a platter brimming with fruit and salad and eggs and smoked salmon and a mother-freaking croissant. Sigh.

Hungry hormones

It’s actually one of a series of delicious food for hungry mamas type shots on Eden’s account and we’re not ashamed to say that WE WANT IN!

Increased appetite when breastfeeding is thanks to the hormone prolactin. Prolactin not only stimulates a nursing mum’s appetite, it increases milk production too.  

It’s not hard to see why everyone is so gosh-darned hungry! (Hangry, at times, even, let’s be frank.)

Brunch and boob

“I married the brunch master, Eden admitted. “#1 life rule – find a life partner that makes you laugh and feeds you delicious food!”

It’s a rule we didn’t know about until now, and we’re thinking it should be written into all marriage vows, from hereon in. #VoteYes

Eden’s keen to encourage partners and spouses to make like her hubby and serve up all the rad snacks to the postpartum ladies.

“Husbands take note!” Eden captioned the pic. “@idonivron knows what’s up. Just check out that breakfast spread. Hard to believe but my appetite has increased since giving birth to this little ?. Breastfeeding has turned me into a tank (I’ve had bagels with cream cheese, smoked salmon and a croissant almost every morning since giving birth.) Loving our new weekends!”

We love Eden’s new weekends too and would quite like her address so that we can front up and experience the deliciousness that is platter time, too.

Below: Snack-making baby daddy

Scroll down for more brunchy and lunchy pics of this cute family. #SoHungryRightNow

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If you breastfed, did you get incredibly hungry when you were feeding your bub? Or perhaps you didn’t breastfeed, but just got very, very hungry postpartum? Did someone kind make amazing food for you? We’d love to know. Let us know over on Facebook!



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