Pregnant chef ‘eating for two’ will inspire you to give in to your cravings

Eden Eats instagram account

We all know that pregnant ladies should be worshipped and have all the snacky things they want. It’s a given. It’s with this in mind, that we share this mum-to-be’s Instagram homage to pregnancy cravings. You. Are. Welcome.

Top Chef

Eden Grinshpan – host of Top Chef Canada – is most of us experiencing a pregnancy-craving-dream-sequence, only she’s doing it all in real, delicious-looking, life.

Instagramming at EdenEats her posts are a tribute to the power of carbs, sweets, crunchy things and feeding all your baby-making feelings whatever the heck they feel like!

Eden’s snacking habits are part famished-mum-craving, part tongue-in-cheek (no pun intended!) and all carefully considered. Eden wanted her pregnancy pics to buck the “pretty trend”, aiming for funny, irreverent shots and avoiding anything wistful or saccharine.

“So many pregnancy photos can be pretty—which I love—and they’re always super sweet,” Eden told

“I just thought it was hilarious how completely opposite it was from that.”

She says she’s determined not to focus on her pregnancy weight, instead eating what she wants, when she wants it and enjoying growing her baby.

“The baby coming and the baby being healthy is the most important thing right now,” Eden explained.

“After I give birth, I’ll focus on probably eating healthier and lighter—but being pregnant right now, I’m just trying to enjoy it as much as possible instead of worrying about weight.”

Eating for two?

Eden uses the hashtag #EdenEatsFor2 to highlight her hungry adventures and you might be surprised to know that she sometimes uses her belly as a platter. (We can already hear the #WeWantPlates people gasping as we type this!)

We’ve noticed a lot of other things about Eden’s photos too. Let us give you the snacky low-down. Be prepared to suddenly need a serve of fries/burger, stat!

1. Eden actually does want fries with that, thank you. #DontJudge

2. Eden kindly lets all the foods have a turn on her chopsticks because world peace.

3. Eden advocates bravely for cookie diversity. Every cookie has a voice in Eden’s world.

4. Eden didn’t want to taco ’bout it because… mouth full and also Japaleno burn.

5. Eden noticed that she likes to eat things that are as big as her belly/head/the world.

6. Eden’s friends hoped this would subdue the hungry look in her eye and stop her from nibbling them all the time.

7. A bowl? Eden did not have time for that because she is growing a human. Duh.

Do Eden’s snacking habits kind of mimic your own foodie pregnancy urges?


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