Chrissy Teigen “unapologetically” feeds her bub formula AND breastmilk

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When Chrissy Teigen shared a video on social media, showing her trying to salvage some spilt breastmilk, chatter unfolded in the comments about her approach to feeding baby Miles.

Easy peasy lemon squeeze-y?

With all the casual references to pumping milk we see online, you’d think it was as simple as flicking a switch. For many mums, however, the quest to extract milk from boob is not an easy one. Take Chrissy Teigen for instance.

Chrissy posted a clip to her Twitter account on Wednesday showing herself valiantly trying to rescue some milk she’d pumped as it seeped onto the table top.

“I am so jealous of people with plentiful boobies,” she captioned the tweet. In the accompanying video, Chrissy’s wrangling a syringe and a spatula as she attempts to deposit the milk back into a waiting baby bottle (with a little help from a buddy).  

“We’re trying!” she laughs. “I got some!”

A second video explains: “I spilled my breast milk … and this is how important it is in this house.”

And by important she means very important, because the supply struggle is very, very real.

“We all do the best we can!”

Other women were super relieved the mum of two was open about her supply issues – and many shared the very same battle. Chrissy chatted boobs to a few women in the comments under her tweet. She revealed she’s supplementing breastmilk with “plenty of formula” and threw her support behind doing what works for both baby and mama.

“Mine were never plentiful,” follower G in Cle wrote. “We unapologetically formula fed. Good for the women that can breastfeed, but also good for the women that formula feed.”

“I use plenty of formula, also unapologetically!” the Cravings author and Lip Sync Battle host wrote in solidarity. “We all do the best we can!”

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“She needs donor milk”

One follower suggested Chrissy enlist some support via donor breast milk.

“She needs donor milk as a backup!” Adrianne tweeted. This idea was met with enthusiastic curiosity.

“Whoa is this real? I know milk banks and doner milk exists but this looks so … professional!” Chrissy responded. Followed by – “I CANNOT believe I wrote “doner” – I want to die. Why would my phone betray me like this. Anyhow, this is incredible. Definitely going to learn more.”

Busy bee-ing it

Chrissy’s mum to two-month-old Miles, and two-year-old Luna, with husband John Legend.

Apart from very recently having a baby, she’s also just birthed a second cookbook – Hungry for More – AND a new cosmetics line with Becca Cosmetics AS WELL AS a delicious-looking recipe kit with Blue Apron.

It’s fair to say that she’s got a LOT going on and appears to be brilliantly doing even more than the best she can!

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