Chrissy Teigen furious after creeper photographs her pumping breastmilk

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Lip Sync Battle host Chrissy Teigen was quietly pumping milk for her seven-week-old baby, Miles, when a desperate creeper decided he’d quite like to profit from the scene.

“Just so creepy”

In a now-deleted Tuesday tweet, Chrissy wrote, “ To the man who took photos into our car as I was topless and pumping, you can go f–k yourself if you sell them. If I wanted to show you my salami nipples I’d show you my salami nipples on my own doing!” 

She explained that conditions seemed okay for a covert boob unload. It was night time and dark out – AND her car had tinted windows. So, she was quietly pumping when a photographer’s flash began beaming into the car. Ugh.

“Just so creepy to be sitting in a car, dark out, and see flashes and a dude,” she noted. 

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“I don’t get why you’re even upset”

While lots of followers were equally outraged – and quite rightly so – some decided that if she was going to pump ‘in public’ then she deserved this privacy breach.

“I don’t get why you’re even upset, weren’t you taking your own pics and putting them online?” one follower posted.

“Her posting her own photos means she has control and the choice to put the photos out there,” a woman shot back. “A rando guy with a camera took photos of her (without asking consent) and then intends to sell them – without her consent – to make money off of the invasion of her privacy. Make sense now?”

“Then get tinted windows,” he returned. “It wasn’t in her garage. It’s still out in plain view of the public so it makes no sense to even be upset about it.”

“Yes Jerry,” Chrissy herself piped up. “Die on this hill. This is what you should stand up for. A man’s right to shoot his camera into my (tinted) car. This is a great cause.”

Fact is that this was a total creeper act. Taking photos of a woman breastfeeding or pumping milk without consent – for profit – is definitely not okay. Also, just because a person is seen to do or share something, that doesn’t mean that anyone is entitled to take that thing from them in the future, especially without asking. Simple!

“I have twins now”

Over the weekend, Chrissy DID share a photo of herself breastfeeding. It was a photo she chose, taken by someone trusted (possibly husband John Legend) and shared with her own fans – with her knowledge.

“Luna making me feed her babydoll so I guess I have twins now,” Chrissy quipped beside the image of her feeding baby Miles AND a very attentive two-year-old Luna’s baby doll. 

It’s a world away from someone violating her privacy and profiting from it. The fact that people are still confused about this issue proves there’s much work to be done when it comes to issues of respect and consent.

Up to his neck in it

Chrissy wasn’t the only person in her family doing double-duty with the kiddos. She also posted a video of her husband John Legend wearily wrangling the pair’s new baby Miles – while daughter Luna casually challenged him to level-up in the kiddo handling stakes.

It’s fair to say he’s got his hands full. And his shoulders full. And his neck full, too. (Also fair to say that he unlocked this achievement brilliantly!)

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