10 products that will make your life easier when you’re breastfeeding

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Breastfeeding can be extremely challenging for some women, so we need all the help we can get! Here are 10 different products to make it a hell of a lot easier on us – and our boobs. 

Avent breast pump

1. Breast pump

Not just for all those working mamas who have headed back to the office, expressing milk is also a great way to increase milk supply, let your partner have a turn feeding the baby, thicken your milk (ideal for reflux babies) and give your nipples a break when you have a biter. There are lots of options out there like the manual AVENT breast pump from Baby Bunting or try an automatic one such as the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Electric Breast Pump from mychemist.com.au.

Medela nipple shields   

2. Nipple shields

If you have very cracked, sore, inverted nipples or your baby has trouble latching on, these Medela Contact Nipple Shields from Nursing Angel are here to help.

Swisspers milk bags

3. Breast milk storage bags

Most pumps come with storage containers and bottles, but a great space-saving storage option is to use bags which you can freeze, like this 20 pack of Swisspers Breast Milk Storage Bags from mychemistwarehouse.com.au.

bamboo breast pads 

4. Breast pads

You never know when you’re going to spring a leak with a heavy let down, so breast pads to pop inside your bra are a must. We love these reusable Bamboobies ones from Milk & Love.

Bonds singlet

5. Nursing bras and singlets

It’s really important not to wear underwire bras when you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, and a bra with straps that you can un-clip from the front are also really handy. Hot Milk has some great lingerie options that aren’t even remotely daggy, and good old Bonds have nursing singlets which are fantastic for day or night wear with their in-built support – making it a top and bra in one.

Boobie Bikkies


6. Lactation cookies

If you want to boost your breast milk supply then whip up a batch of lactation cookies, or buy some organic, pre-made ones like Pinky’s Boobie Bikkies.

Boppy pillow

7. Nursing pillow

Many women swear by using a nursing pillow to help make breastfeeding more comfy for themselves and their bub. You you can even buy nursing pillows that double as a baby cushion like this Chicco Boppy Pillow from Babies R Us.

nipple cream

8. Nipple cream

Cracked nipples can be so painful but ointments such as Lansinoh Nipple Emollient from chemistwarehouse.com.au can really help a poor mama out.

breast pump bag 

9. Breast pump bag

When you’re expressing there is a lot of stuff to carry around! The stylish Unimom Nappy or Breast Pump Carry Bag from Babies R Us fits it all in nicely, with its many compartments and handy insulated sections for keeping milk cool or warm.

mammababy screenshots

10. Baby feeding app

It can be tough keeping track of when you fed your baby, so a nifty app such as the MammaBaby Breastfeeding App and Baby Log Tracker could be a godsend. It also lets you record their sleep times, weight, bottle feeds, snacks and even poop colour! Available for iPhone here.

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