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Yumbox 2 600x415 Yumbox   nutritional lunch made easy

Are you part of the bento lunch revolution? I have been teetering on the edge for a while now but I think this product may just be the deciding factor for me. Yup, I’m joining in. 

Bento-style lunches had been growing in popularity in recent years, there are a bunch of blogs and products popping up dedicated to creating these lovely little lunches. Now, to contribute to the excitement, Yumbox is available in Australia.

yumbox Yumbox   nutritional lunch made easy

For those of you who haven’t heard of it, bento is lunch made up of lots of little components, presented in a box with separate compartments. The Yumbox is created for exactly this, with one major difference from similar products around. Each compartment is specifically sized and labeled to help parents prepare a perfectly balanced meal. I need this, I sometimes find myself quickly running through the food groups in my mind, vaguely ticking each off, to see if my toddler has had a good food day. Peanut butter counts as a vegetable right?

Yumbox 5 426x600 Yumbox   nutritional lunch made easy

Apart from the nutritional guidance, the Yumbox has a heap to offer. It is leakproof so you can put anything in the compartments, it’s dishwasher safe, it prevents children from leaving half of every tiny piece of plastic ware at school (why do they do that) and I have it on good authority that it is virtually indestructible.

Yumbox 3 Yumbox   nutritional lunch made easy

For those of you not yet at the packing lunches stage, the tray is removable so it can also be used as a nutrition guide for toddler meals at home. You can buy them for $34.95 from Yumbox Australia and shipping is a flat rate of $10.

Yumbox 4 Yumbox   nutritional lunch made easy


  1. Wow, great idea, but a $45 lunch box is a bit crazy. Surely they would rather price it to make it something every child has, half the profit, quadruple the sales…. Still come out in front!

    Posted .
  2. Sorry -just way too expensive for me. I can do the same in tupperware

    Posted .
  3. I would love it but refuse to pay $45 on a lunch box

    Posted .
  4. I agree, was completely sold until I saw the price, what a pity!

    Posted .
  5. Wish I’d seen these a month ago! They look like a much better design than the one I’ve bought for my daughter. And I absolutely love the nutrition guide!

    Posted .
  6. I agree, was totally sold until I saw the price! But I’m sure there must be something similar out there for a more reasonable price…

    Posted .
  7. great product and guide, but with a couple of kids I could spend $90 buying lots of individual containers or similar segmented containers and still have change.

    Posted .
  8. For a lunch box it is rather pricey! However my daughter is about to start pre-prep/kindergarten and i know this one lunch box will serve her well for at least 5 years, as well as promote healthy eating habits.

    Posted .
  9. Love it but totally agree with it being overpriced also there is no where to put an ice pack

    Posted .
  10. Wonder if those pictures are removable?
    Plenty of kids can’t eat dairy.
    Plus it’s a pretty much only anglo/american choices there. :(

    Posted .

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