Aaaah, family holidays. Beautiful one day, complete fiasco the next! Let us help make yours memorable for all the right reasons with our pick of the best places the world over to enjoy the perfect high-end holiday with your brood. Look here too for amazing travel accessories and useful tips for making travel easier with kids in tow.

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The ultimate travel experience for Harry Potter fans

Wizards Chamber_3

As a mum, I haven’t yet encountered Harry Potter, but in my former life as a primary school teacher, I’m all too familiar with the world of Hogwarts. While I secretly applauded my students’ impressive reading skills, a 500-page novel just doesn’t fit discreetly in the lap of a nine-year old during a math lesson. I can’t even begin to imagine what my former students would make of a Potter-themed hotel. Read More »

The after swim cover-up for kids from Platypus Australia

Platypus Cover Up Milkshake

Yes, autumn will soon give way to winter, but that doesn’t mean we’re ready to give up the beach or pool in all parts of Australia. Those lucky enough to live in warmer climes can swim all year round. And there’s always a possibility for an island holiday or a winter trek north for those in southern states. So you’ll be needing one of these. Read More »

Mothers Day 2015 – gifts for new mums


Congratulations new mummies, the day you have been waiting for is just around the corner. To make sure it lives up to all your expectations and more, we have a fantastic gift guide that your significant other just might need to see. Scroll down to see what takes your fancy then share it with your partner. Read More »

Welcome to the house of fun – the Fiii Fun House kid-friendly restaurant


This restaurant is the stuff dreams are made of – both for parents and children. The play areas are designed to stimulate and occupy children – and there isn’t a hint of gaudy, plastic play equipment in sight. If you’re headed to Argentina, make sure you drop into this beautiful space. Read More »

Merino Kids – the natural choice for sleepwear

Merino Kids_1a

We all want to feel good about the choices we make for our kids and when it comes to sleep, there really is no room for guess work or inferior products – there is simply too much at stake. That’s why I like to stick to brands that not only fit my philosophy for ethics and natural products but have a proven track record as well. Read More »