Articles by Grace Koelma

  1. Helping your shy child make friends at preschool

    For a little person who’s best friends are typically called ‘Snuggly’ or ‘Broom Broom’, the first experience at a new daycare centre can be a mix of bewilderment, fear and uncertainty. This behaviour is often interpreted as ‘shyness’, a word that unfortunately carries somewhat negative

  2. 10 amazing playgrounds from around the world

    There’s no doubt about it. Playgrounds these days are more epic than ever before. Just take a look at these incredible parks from around the world. Then have your phone handy so you can call your local council to petition one for your neighbourhood!

  3. Move over cake smash… the taco smash is here!

    First, there were gender reveal cakes, then decadent smash cakes (and the subsequent bathing photos), and then the ridiculously gigantic cake toppers. Now, finally, a non-cake birthday trend is captivating the internet. Yep, it’s a taco smash. And yep, we love it.


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