Articles by Grace Koelma

  1. 8 reasons grandparents are the absolute best

    To a child, grandparents are the greatest companions, entertainers and comforters in their world. They seem to always have treats in their apron pockets, they let you play with tools in the workshop your parents never would, and they allow you stay up late reading

  2. Move over cake smash… the taco smash is here!

    First, there were gender reveal cakes, then decadent smash cakes (and the subsequent bathing photos), and then the ridiculously gigantic cake toppers. Now, finally, a non-cake birthday trend is captivating the internet. Yep, it’s a taco smash. And yep, we love it.

  3. 8 tricks to get bath-haters to embrace bath time

    For some parents, the nightly bath time battle means having to explain to your kind-but-nosey neighbour the next day that no, Charlotte didn’t hurt herself, it’s just her inexplicable aversion to a small amount of water in the bottom of a large receptacle that causes the nightly


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