11 simple but FUN crafts and games using a ball of string or wool

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Play doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. With just a ball of string or wool, and a few other household items you can make up some pretty fun games and clever crafts.

Here are a few ideas to get you creating:

1. A fun string maze

How cool is this maze? You could wind string or yarn around trees in your local park or backyard, your verandah railings, stair railings or between kitchen chairs. Your kids will love the challenge of ducking and rolling to get through the maze without touching the string.

Kids playing in a string maze

Photos: Pinterest

2. Dandelion artwork

All you need is some plywood or cork, nails, a hammer and string. The results are pretty magical! You can get a pattern here or just have some fun creating your own!

Photo: String Art DIY

3. Paper plate snowflakes

These snowflake paper plates are so cute, they make sweet decorations all year round, not just at Christmas-time!

Photo: I heart crafty things

4. The tin can toss

Grab some old tins, string and some balls (or you could even make your own pom pom balls) and make a version of the popular sideshow alley game.

Photo: Listotic

5. Pom pom fruits

Okay, we think these might be the tastiest looking things ever made with wool. Mmmmm mmm!

Photo: Mr Printables

6. Rolling pin yarn prints

All you need to make these bright patterned artworks is a rolling pin, some yarn and paints.

Rolling pin yarn painting activity

Photo: Fun Littles

7. Donut string game

Remember this clever little game from your childhood birthday parties? Who says you need a birthday to play? We say you could play it anytime!

Photo: Westerman Farm

8. Pom pom mobile

There is no end to the creative things you can hang off string to make a mobile. Make one for your baby or even just as something decorative to hang in your living room.

Photo: My Sparkle

9. Driftwood and string mobile

Okay, so this one is more suited to older children, but if you can convince them to help you, you’re on your way to creating something with them that you’ll actually enjoy displaying in your home!

Photo: Hello Speckless

10. Yarn bomb-style tee pee

You’ve gotta be in this one for the long haul, because this activity will take a while. Gather some sticks from the bush and a bunch of different coloured balls of wool, then start winding!

Photo: We are Scout

11. Pom pom birds

Okay, so pom poms are pretty cute on their own, but these little pom pom birdies are the cutest thing we’ve seen in a while!

Photo: Lia Griffith


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