11 ingenious crafts you can make with handprints and footprints

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When it comes to creating awesome and unique pieces of art that you’ll treasure for years to come, look no further than the simplest of art supplies. Your kids’ hands and feet!

Here are 11 cute and clever things you can make with a humble hand or footprint. 

1. Create a quirky llama character

Llama craft footprint

Photo: houseofburke.com

 2. Capture footprints in sand forever

sand print cast

Photo: Paging Fun Mums

3. Dandelion flower with thumbprints 

dandelion thumbprint flower

Photo: Glued to my crafts blog

4. Footprint trucks

footprint trucks art

Photo: Source unknown

5. Handprint duck

Handprint duck craft

Source: Crafty Morning

6. Family handprints framed as a beautiful keepsake

Source: The Perfect DIY

7. Two happy little penguins

Penguin footprint craft

Photo: House by Hoff

 8. The CUTEST lions, tigers and bears we’ve ever seen!

Source: Fun handprint art blog

 9. A roaring campfire complete with fluffy marshmallows

Source: Glued to my crafts blog

10. A sweet serving platter to celebrate your newborn

Photo: Mrs Wigglebottom

11. A colourful crawling caterpillar

Photo: The Whoot

What have you created with hand and footprints? Share with us on Facebook.


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