Got a toddler prone to tantrums? Science says they’ll end up rich

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Drop* that screaming toddler for a second, we have some exciting news.

According to science, toddlers who tantrum are more likely to end up very rich adults.

Say what? 

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Childhood behaviours determine success 

Well, a research paper released by the American Psychological Association says certain childhood behaviours determine the success of a person later in life.

The scientist found that students who were more likely to break the rules and defy parental authority went onto have successful careers and therefore, make more money.

Apparently, defiant behaviour indicates a stubborn streak and stubborn people (according to science) tend to stick to their studies and jobs over the long term.

And if you stick to your studies and your job, well then you climb the ladder. And if you climb the ladder you are eventually rewarded financially.

So, lucky them.

I’m not 100 percent convinced

As a parent of a two-year-old tantrum thrower, I have to say these findings trigger a range of mixed feelings.

While it’s good to think long-term I’m not 100 percent convinced it will alleviate the frustration (or noise levels) of life with a rambunctious toddler.

I’ve always loved Robin Barker’s advice on this topic. When faced with a really huge meltdown, she advises parents to get down to their toddler’s level and give them a huge hug. 

“The deep pressure is calming. Use a soothing voice and reassure them that even though they’ve lost control, you are there to help him to regain it,” says Robin. Which is a great thing to remember.

But it does make me feel excited about the idea of maybe spending a lot more time with my wealthy son when he’s old enough to take me on holidays or buy me a new car when I’m retired? 

Hmmm. Only time will tell! 

*Not literally.


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