6 sleepy things mums should consider about baby’s bedtime in warmer weather

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Spring is such a nice welcome change with bright sunny days and lots of different activities with your little one, but when it comes to sleeping things can get tricky if you’re not prepared. Here are six things mums worry about with baby’s bedtime in the warmer months and what you can do about them. 

1. Fans and air-conditioning in bedrooms

You’ve been cranking the heater over the colder months, but when it’s boiling outside you need to cool that bedroom down – even at night when the heat of the day often gets trapped in the house. But how cold is too cold?

If you have air-conditioning, keep the room at a comfortably warm temperature (around 24 degrees), and make sure your baby is still dressed and swaddled appropriately. If using a fan, try not to have it blowing directly on them as this can create a chill. Use an oscillating function instead. In heatwaves, another option is to place a cold washcloth in front of the fan. Remember to keep their fluids up with more frequent breastfeeds (or water if bottle feeding).

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2. Overheating in swaddles

Babies love to be swaddled and sleep so much better when they’re securely wrapped up. But once the weather gets warmer it’s tempting to forgo the swaddle to avoid overheating. Sometimes the result is a very unsettled baby (particularly if they associate sleep times with their swaddle), waking too cold, as the temperature drops overnight.

The solution? Opt for a lightweight swaddle instead, like the new Swaddle UP Lite from Love to Dream. It’s made from an ultra-light and cool 0.2 TOG fabric that’s lighter than their normal swaddles. Much thinner than a muslin, babies will be comfortably snug but not hot for day and night sleeps.

This swaddle still has the famous ‘arms up’ design so babies can self-soothe (unlike traditional blanket swaddles). Other great benefits of the Swaddle UP Lite include the two-way zip for easy nappy changes, the fact it reduces the risk of babies rolling onto their tummies, and that it’s ‘healthy hips’ certified by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

Putting baby to bed in warm weather – things to remember

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Posted by Babyology on Monday, 23 October 2017

3. Too much light

Warmer months mean lighter, longer days which can mean super early wake-ups or tricky daytime naps. Make sure your baby’s room has a blockout blind or curtain fitted on the window to keep the room dark and cool. If you need to, try hanging an extra sheet or blanket over it too to prevent additional light coming through.

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4. Daylight saving disturbing sleep patterns

You’ve got the bedtime routine down pat, your baby is sleeping and napping beautifully, and then along comes daylight saving to stuff everything up.

Just that one little hour shift forward can wreak havoc on a baby’s sleep patterns and throw everything out of whack so it’s best to be prepared. But if you weren’t quite organised enough to get a headstart on this process, it’s not too late to gently move your baby into a new routine now. Start tweaking your baby’s sleep times by 15 minutes or so every couple of days until the transition is complete. That way their internal body clocks ease into the change nicely and there’s minimal fussing from mum or bub!

5. Mosquitoes and other bugs

Flies and mosquitoes – the two biggest pest pains of the warm seasons! Although super annoying, flies aren’t too much of a bother (especially at night), but mozzies can be far more troublesome for babies because their reaction to bites is more pronounced when they’re younger. It can be really upsetting to see your baby with swollen bites over their body too! The best way to prevent mosquitoes and other insects from disturbing your baby is to ensure you have good fly screens. Fans are great for circulating the air and keeping flying bugs at bay too. Mosquito nets over the cot and pram will help, along with swaddles to cover up as much exposed skin as possible.

6. Noisy morning birds

This is a tough one. Those pesky kookaburras and other birds just love singing out in spring and summer, sometimes as early as 4am! Unfortunately there’s not much you can do about it. If your baby is waking early because of the early bird calls, try some white noise in their room or playing some natural rainfall or water sounds.

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