Pregnant Turia Pitt shares gorgeous new baby bump update

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Good Selfie author Turia Pitt and her partner Michael Hoskin announced they were expecting a second baby back in August. The couple are already mum and dad to a 20-month-old toddler son named Hakavai

Brilliant bump

Turia created a special video to truly bring their baby announcement news to life.

“When Michael and I want to share big news,” Turia wrote on Instagram, “I insist on creating a Beyonce-inspired video montage. Baby #2.”

“We can’t wait to meet you. PS I promise we’ll find you a more appropriate name soon.”

Turia’s pregnancy seems to be progressing in her usual brilliant style, and as we headed into the weekend she shared a fresh update – and a lovely bump shot and some cute videos of family life.

“One of us takes gardening more seriously than the other,” she captioned the post featuring herself and Hakavai in the front garden of their home and another of them shopping at their local nursery.

“I’ll let you decide who! Hope you’re having a good start to the weekend!”

It seems that tiny Hakavai is actually the keenest gardener. He plays gently and quietly with the plants on the verandah at home, looking intently at their leaves and shuffling them about.

In a second video, Hakavai toddles merrily through the nursery, chatting happily about the plants he’s wandering past with his mum.

Womb with a view

Turia’s followers were delighted to see this progress report and see how Hakavai’s growing.

Many of them had not caught up with the news that she was pregnant until they clapped eyes on the photo. 

“You both are amazing parents and congratulations on baby number 2 you are a real fighter and a man that loves you with all his heart,” one posted. “God Bless you and your wonderful family.”

“Turia you look radiant! And Hakavai is so cute. Congratulations on the new baby,” another wrote.

But others were more keen to talk about the beautiful sea view from Turia’s front yard.

“What a horrible view you have from your place, I really don’t know how you put up with it?!?! #justgorgeous,” one follower quipped and we totally concur!

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Twice a year, Team Turia actually meet up in person (we all work remotely) to catch up, celebrate some of the cool stuff we’ve done, plan more cool stuff and then actually work in the same room for once. It’s fun. Usually we’re in a location chosen for convenience, but this time we opted for something a little different and retreat-y. Well, call me Retreat Queen because @soulofgerringong delivered in spades. I can’t speak for the rest of the team (though I usually try to) but living here for a few days made me feel like Michelle Obama on a tropical island – graceful and relaxed and stylish and warm. The bar has been significantly raised and I’m now figuring out how I can make this place my head office full time. I’m not good at taking pics of beautiful houses so I implore you to go check out their insty feed, and in the meantime, please enjoy this footage of me, uhh, exploring the facilities 😂 Thanks to my brilliant, wondrous and effervescent team for all your incredible work. If only we were as capable of taking a team pic where all our eyes are open as we are at eating cheese with every meal.❤️

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