Pregnant Anne Hathaway says “mum brain” is already taking a toll

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Anne and her hubby Adam Shulman are parents to a little boy named Jonathan, their wee guy born back in 2016.

Modern love story

The couple announced Anne’s second pregnancy on The Devil Wears Prada star’s Instagram last week, explaining that it hadn’t been plain sailing either time she has conceived.

“It’s not for a movie” she captioned her pregnancy reveal. “All kidding aside, for everyone going through infertility and conception hell, please know it was not a straight line to either of my pregnancies. Sending you extra love.”

This week, the popular actor is doing publicity for her new Amazon Prime Video series Modern Love, sharing more about the rom-com that’s soon to hit our screens. She’s also now openly sharing a bit more about her pregnancy and mum life.

Speaking to reporters during a Q&A about Modern Love, Anne warned them that they might not get anything intelligent out of her at this particular time. Because PREGNANT!

“My brain won’t let me go there right now,” she joked, ET reports. “Somebody’s eating it.”

When reporters asked her if she was “genuinely having that mommy brain phenomenon,” she confirmed it was a thing.

“I genuinely am,” Anne responded. “Not in every aspect of my life … I can focus on certain things that are fine, but there are certain things my brain refuses to allow me to imagine.”

Why tho?

Pregnancy brain or ‘mum brain’ occurs because pregnancy changes the brain’s grey matter.

Researchers say that mum’s brain changes can last until babies reach the toddler stage – and could even be nature’s way of helping women focus in on parenting!

Gee thanks, nature.

Drilling down to her own mum brain issues, she said some concepts and conversations just totally pass her by at the moment.

“If you describe something, shapes, or you spell something, I can’t go there. And certain words I have a tough time recalling, so I become that spinning wheel of death on your computer in conversations with me,” Anne continued.

“I feel I’m very taxing for people to be around,” she admitted.


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