Mums share morning sickness-fighting tips with nauseous mum-to-be Jen Hawkins

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Model and TV presenter Jennifer Hawkins announced that she and hubby Jake Wall were expecting a week or two ago, and now Jen’s sharing a little more of her pregnancy with followers via Instagram.

“Can’t wait to meet our little girl”

“I’m sooo happy to share with you some exciting news! Jake and I are expecting a baby girl!!! We can’t wait to meet her!” Jen said when she broke her big news, sharing a cute couples shot and a glimpse of her baby bump. 

“Thank you to our beautiful family and friends for their love and support and, most importantly, to my hubby Jake – I can’t wait to see you as a Daddy! xx”

Jake was equally stoked posting “I’m going to be a dad! Can’t wait to meet our little girl!” on his own Instagram account with a matching photo.

Yesterday Jen popped back up on social media to reveal that she’d spent the first part of her pregnancy feeling pretty crappy but was hopefully finally on the mend.

“Today,” she wrote alongside a photo of herself. “So happy my all day nausea is finally easing up!” 

“The actual worst!”

Other mums were quick to chime in and share their own morning sickness struggles.

“🤢🤢🤢 is the actual worst!” mum-of-three Carrie Bickmore wrote. “Just keep your eye on the cute squishy prize at the end!”

“Oh my gosh there’s nothing like it!!!” a follower wrote. “And how happy you feel when you one day suddenly realise you’re living without nausea again.”

“Such a turning point when the nausea eases. All worth it in the end,” another follower agreed.

All the helpful remedies

The remedies came thick and fast too.

“Eeeeeerrrfff I remember that!” one fellow mum commented. “22 weeks of all day and all night sickness. Try lemonade icy poles, they work wonders!”

“Glad u r feeling better Jen!” someone else wrote. “Ginger tea and Jatz crackers before getting out of bed each morning was my go to. That and (I swear this is the one that got me thru), a meat pie at morning tea.”

“Try sea bands! Worked for me,” another follower posted helpfully.

“Had all day and night nausea and vomiting with horrible heart burn with my twins up until 26 weeks, but it’s all worth it! Fruit tingles are a life saver.” 

Others suggested ginger beer, ginger tea, green apples, hot chips, miso soup, Fizzer lollies and cola slushies might ease the spewy feels.


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Some people had ideas on something else altogether – how to prolong the shift to pregnancy clothes.

“You need to do the hair tie on the top button trick,” mum-of-two Megan Gale insisted.

“Ha ha! Yes! I have a hair band on these jeans,” Jen responded. “Next stop maternity jeans!”


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