Here comes the royal baby: Pregnant Duchess Meghan says she’s “nearly there!”

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Duchess Meghan’s due date has been a closely guarded secret, but those on bump watch have long suspected that the pregnancy was announced well into the second trimester – and that the royal bub is due in March.

“We’re nearly there”

It seems Team Bumpwatch may be right. Photographer Karen Anvil met the Duchess during a walkabout on Christmas Day and their chat about Baby Sussex revealed we’ll be meeting the newest little royal pretty soon!

“I said ‘congratulations on your baby’ and she said ‘thank you’,” Karen explained on Twitter, sharing some details about the exchange.

“I asked her if she was excited and she said ‘yes we are, we’re nearly there’ as she cradled her bump.”

“I told her to enjoy every moment as being a mother is the best feeling. She smiled said ‘thank you’.”

“She loves that child. Her bump holding was pure instinct, natural and not staged at all,” Karen said, according to the BBC, perhaps hoping to put those who had critiqued Meghan’s hands-on approach to pregnancy firmly in their place. 

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Apart from getting a possible scoop on an earlier than anticipated due date, Karen also managed to capture a bunch of candid photos – with the help of her trusty iPhone XR.

Yup. No fancy DSLR required here. The less intrusive and more familiar iPhone in the hands of a clever snapper caught these brilliant shots. #BravoKaren!

“Beautiful and radiant”

People on Twitter absolutely loved the idea of the royal baby showing up sooner than anticipated, and loved the photos Karen shared.

“She looks so beautiful and HAPPY,” one royal watcher commented. “That baby is going to be loved by so many.”

“Wonderful images,” another person tweeted. “You have captured a very intimate moment beautifully.”

“Meghan looks so beautiful and radiant. It was good to see that she was in such wonderful spirits,” someone else wrote.

Due in Spring

Official word from the palace is that Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan – who announced their pregnancy during the November tour of Australia – are expecting a baby in the UK Spring.

While some had assumed that they spilled the beans at the 12 week mark – and that an April baby was on the cards – it appears that Meghan was further along in her pregnancy than that.

Missy Higgins looks to have been SPOT ON with her offhand bump assessment. It seems we’ll be ‘meeting’ this little one in March!


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