“It’s too late now!”: Hilary Duff admits guilt over having a second baby

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Hilary Duff is a mum of two. She’s the proud parent of 15-month-old daughter Banks and 7-year-old son Luca. 

It’s complicated

Young Luca is her child with former husband Mike Comrie, while Banks is her kiddo with new husband Matthew Koma.

Younger star Hilary’s just spoken to website PureWow about the shifts in her life over the last decade or so and she’s revealed that it’s not been plain sailing. She says when she became pregnant with wee Banks, she had some very big and complicated feelings about the changes that were afoot. And so did young Luca, it turns out!

“The guilt that I felt for bringing her into the world was so big” she admitted, because she and Luca had been a tight little team up until Matthew showed up.

“It was just he and I for so long that he was like, ‘Why? Why, Mom? Why would you do this? I really just love the way it is,’ ” Hilary recalled.

“It wasn’t bratty … It was just so sad,” she stressed.

Things were so very emotional, in fact, that she couldn’t really fathom the best way forward, asking herself: “How do I reverse this?! It’s too late now!”

“When you’re pregnant, everything just feels more magnified”, she concluded.

“That’s my sister!”

When it came right down to it, however, Hilary knew that Luca would adjust like a total champ.

And guess what? He really did!

One look at his sister — who was born at home — and everything fell into place.

“He came in after I had her. I was just holding her, and the look on his face was an absolute shock. He just said, ‘That’s my sister!’,” Hilary remembers.

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Almost to fridayyyyy! #Family♥️

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“Everything’s going to be OK”

At this point this mum-of-two breathed a very large sigh of relief and knew “everything’s going to be OK.” 

Hilary said watching her children get to know each other has been a brilliant and beautiful experience.

“It’s the best. It’s a chemical reaction between siblings sometimes where he knows he has to protect her.”

“It’s really sweet the way he looks out for her,” she confirmed.

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Truly sad this day went by so quickly.

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