Dad’s response to news he’s having triplets is the purest thing we’ve ever seen

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The odds of having triplets are not huge – to give you an idea just 60 sets of triplets were born in Australia’s 309,142 2017 births – so it’s hardly surprising it took a while for this dad to catch on to his wife’s big baby news!

One, two, three?

Stephanie Valas underwent an ultrasound for her third pregnancy and then headed to her husband’s workplace to share the images with him.

“After already having 2 children, I surprised my husband at work with the ultrasound of our third pregnancy,” Stephanie wrote on YouTube, sharing the footage.

“I snuck the phone in my jacket pocket so he wouldn’t know he was being recorded.”

This could have gone a little bit pear-shaped, but it turns out that Stephanie’s husband is an absolute sweetheart.

Stephanie laid the printouts in front of him. Obviously she had a certain kind of look on her face, because he looked from images to her, seeming confused and appearing to wonder whether something was wrong.

When Stephanie pointed out that the images were of “Baby A,” “Baby B,” and “Baby C” it slowly dawned on him that they were not expecting one baby … but a bumper load of three instead.

“We’re having three babies?! Are you serious? One, two, three? Three? Are you serious?!” he cries, elated.

“Why is that bad?”

Stephanie’s crying at this point, as many women would be as they adjust to the idea of a multiple pregnancy.

“Why is that bad?” he asked his teary wife, genuinely confused. “That’s amazing!”

Making sure he was clear on the facts before he started doing cartwheels he asked. “Are they healthy? Is everything as it should be?”

When the answer was ‘yes’ he laughed “holy f*ck!”

The final verdict from dad-to-be of triplets to his baby mama?

“You’re amazing, that’s great. Babe, this is good. I’m happy!” noting “we’re going to need a bigger house.”

“Hold onto that man!”

People who had watched this clip on YouTube fell in love with this dad (as we did!)

“Awww when he goes ‘you’re amazing, that’s great’ made my heart swell!” one person wrote. “Great guy, amazing husband, and I’m sure an amazing dad! Lucky family!”

“Oh honey … hold onto that man,” another commented. “Loved his reaction. You are one lucky lady and blessed.”

“Love how his only question was are they healthy!” someone else gushed. #SAME!


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