Carrie Bickmore shares bump shot tribute to mums, sisters, nieces and daughters

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Carrie Bickmore’s third child is due some time in the next few (days?!) weeks and The Project anchor just shared a progress shot of her baby bump – and a tribute to the women in her life. #Brilliant

Bumping along

Carrie announced her latest pregnancy in June, with some assistance from partner Chris Walker, eleven-year-old Ollie and three-year-old Evie. 

Since then, we’ve tagged along as Carrie clued us in on how good cake isthe agony of morning sickness, the ecstasy of non-puke-inducing hot chips and the odd tale about bliss balls (which we were totally understanding of, but not buying!) 

And let’s not forget Carrie’s highly inaccurate twin reveal. #Snort (Courtesy of young Evie!)

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Familymoons are the new babymoon

So what’s the latest news on the Carrie Bickmore baby bump front?

Well, it seems she just had a final beachy getaway with her extended family ahead of this little one’s birth. Carrie shared more of how that panned out on Instagram … along with this brand new bump shot.

“My happy place. The beach,” Carrie wrote. “Back from the most special girl’s trip with my sisters, mum and all my nieces (Ollie was the only boy!)”

“Anyone who has family spread across the country will know how hard it is to get together. So nice to be back home with our other halves now but it was certainly a trip where memories were made and cousins bonded. Just like my childhood.”

“Cousin catch ups weren’t frequent due to where we lived but were so awesome when they happened. Evie’s face says it all!!” Carrie posted.

Sisters before misters?

These fuzzy family feels will be familiar to many readers, because for lots of us there was a time in our lives when spending off-the-grid time with cousins or aunties or grannies or mums – or all of the above –  felt like the best days of our lives. 

Carrie’s post summons up ace memories of beach cricket, sandy sandwiches, shell collecting and soggy swimmers at the end of long sunny days. #swoon.

We think she’s totally onto something here, and can’t help but feel that fun and female-filled familymoons should surpass the couple-centric babymoon, sooner rather than later! Also? They come with a whole team of ace ladies keen to help support mum and newborn, once that bump has become baby. Win. Win. Win!


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