New fertility tracking app uses your phone camera to test when you’re ovulating

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For some couples, trying to have a baby is a difficult and emotional process. Accurately tracking ovulation and working out the best time to get between the sheets can be stressful, exhausting and unromantic; but the new Eveline Smart Ovulation Test app is about to change all that.

The fertility challenge

The average woman is only fertile for about five days in her cycle which is why it’s so important to know when you’ve got the best chances of falling pregnant. Tracking your ovulation has become easier in the last few years, thanks to a variety of at home urine hormone testing kits and digital tests hitting the market. But these tests still require a great deal of careful attention to detail and effort, and mistakes are easily made.

Innovative, easy and accurate

The Eveline Smart Ovulation Test has been designed to make tracking your most fertile days not only a breeze, but also extremely discreet. Featuring a combination of both urine strip tests and a smartphone app, trying to conceive no longer has to be yet another time consuming (and incredibly stressful!) task on your already busy schedule. 

Eveline test screenshots

How it works

The Eveline system works by following these three simple steps:

  1. Do a urine test using the supplied Eveline strips a few days after your period.
  2. Using the Eveline attachment, clip your urine test over your smartphone’s camera. The (previously downloaded) Eveline app will then get to work analysing your results.
  3. Sit back, relax and wait for the app to notify you and your partner when it’s baby making time.

How easy is that?!

Key features

The Eveline Smart Ovulation Test is not only incredibly accurate taking the work away from yourself, but also has a bunch of other great features such as:

  • a discreet clip-on attachment for your phone
  • it keeps track of previous results and uses them to discover your personal biological rhythm for greater accuracy on fertile days
  • an automatic reminder of upcoming tests
  • alerts of the most fertile days
  • award-winning, patented technology
  • it’s now the easiest, and most accurate, fertility tracker on the market

Where to buy

You can download the Eveline app for free via iTunes or Google Play, however, for it to work properly you also need the test strips and clip-on attachment which you can only buy via Amazon for $75. Thankfully Australians now have access to Amazon, so it’s easy to get your hands on this nifty fertility tracker and fast track your way to making your baby dreams a reality.

To see the Eveline Smart Ovulation Test in action check out the video below.

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