Ingenious app designed to help women on their infertility journey

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For those struggling to conceive, life can be extremely challenging. And lonely. And while many turn to online forums, the majority of these platforms are open to the public, exposing people and their experiences to anyone and everyone. However, two friends in the UK, Kristin and Karla got to together to create Pineapl, an app that offers a fantastic and much-needed alternative.

Feelings of isolation

Many hopeful parents find it hard to open up to friends or even family about their infertility struggles. They feel ashamed and afraid, even fearful of receiving unsolicited and unhelpful advice. Feeling utterly isolated, they often turn to online platforms, to chat groups and forums, in search of support and understanding. The only trouble is that these communities don’t offer the privacy that people are looking for.

Lack of privacy

Most existing platforms for those experiencing fertility issues are out-of-date and ill-equipped for intimate and sensitive discussions. In fact, 62 percent of those using social platforms to connect with others facing similar experiences are concerned about who can see their online discussions.

Joining forces

Kristin, who endured her own difficult infertility challenges, wanted to create a safe space for women going through similar experiences, while Karla, an expert in banding and design, was on the lookout for tech space that suited her beliefs and values. Over a night of cocktails, the two friends came up with Pineapl, an app aimed specifically at those wanting to share personal stories and seek advice in a more private and intimate situation. The catchy name was inspired by the core of the pineapple, which contains an enzyme that’s believed to assist with embryo plantation. Although not proven, it’s something people turn to when trying to conceive so the perfect choice for this clever app.

A safe space

Pineapl allows people to build a tailored support network and encourages them to build relationships within the community. There are specific features that allow users to seek certain individuals going on similar journeys or going through similar treatment as well as protection from potentially triggering content such as pregnancy-related material.

Overall, the app presents an opportunity for those in the challenging word of infertility to connect with others in similar situations and share information and seek advice, in a private and supported space. Infertility is a challenge so you want to be interacting with those who completely understand and are able to offer the help you need. Now with Pineapl, you have the chance to do exactly that.


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