8 futuristic birth scenes that make us question what the future holds

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Robot midwives? Men having babies? Unfortunately we don’t have a crystal ball that shows us how pregnancy and giving birth will change in the future. But science fiction has given it a good crack and here are eight scenes from movies and TV shows to get you thinking — or squirming — about what may lie ahead.

Warning: movie and TV show spoilers ahead.

1. The Handmaid's Tale

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In this awesome yet frighteningly book turned TV series, infertility is threatening human existence. Any woman found to be fertile is shipped out to be a handmaid to the rich and powerful. Her duty is to be impregnated by her commander (in a simply awful ceremony where she lies between her master's wife's legs!). Even more creepy is that during the birth, the mistress of the house acts out labour while the poor handmaid is doing all the real work - nightmare! Oh and once your baby weans off breastfeeding he is taken away. Shudder.

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