The worst baby names ever (seriously ever)

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There are some pretty sweet and adorable names out there. And then there are these ones. Come and have a laugh at the top ten worst baby names, as rated by Reddit users.

Little Sweetmeat

Yes, two parents decided that this was what they wanted to call their child. But this is only one of the many names that made it on the list of the worst baby names as rated by users on Reddit.

Popular names with incredibly awkward spelling seems to be a trend in bad baby names, as are names that appear to simply be a case of a mistake made on the birth certificate.

Danger and the surprisingly trendy, Neveah, made the list, (Neveah is heaven spelled backwards, in case you’re having trouble discerning that one).

Surprised girl with hands on head

Here are the top ten worst baby names:

  1. Elizabreth – Say this one out loud. Anyone else hear ‘The Lizard Breath’?
  2. Mhavryck – This is supposed to say  ‘Maverick’.
  3. Aliviyah – Or, to people who can spell, Olivia.
  4. Baby – Clearly you won’t be putting her in the corner …
  5. Little Sweetmeat – Yes.
  6. Nevaeh – The Heavens just groaned.
  7. Danger – Don’t mess with him.
  8. North West – Thanks to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, who have since added to their brood by gifting us Saint, (their oldest son) Chicago, (younger daughter) and Psalm (their youngest son).
  9. Harley Quinn – What a novel name.
  10. Beberly – We’re unsure if this is supposed to say ‘Beverly’ and was a typo on the birth certificate or if the parents are just really big fans of Justin Bieber.

But don’t worry – there are more.

Some of the other honourable mentions include Pain, Gunny, Fury, Indica, Seher Butt, Chardonnay and Cinnamon Candy.

It takes all kinds, we guess. And, by the way, ‘Guess’  is also the name of over 20,000 girls born in 2019.


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