These US parents have been giving their babies some super unusual names

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The US Social Security Administration has revealed some data on how Americans are naming their babies and let’s just say that the good folk at Toyota must be chuffed.

Beg pardon?

Variations on the car manufacturer’s famous Camry feature twice on the list – in the form of Camreigh and Kamreigh – with over 100 tots named after the popular family car model.

There were many other eyebrow-raising monikers on the list, so the Camrys are in good company.

While some names on the list have their roots in a diverse range of cultures, many others reveal parents who: a) couldn’t choose between two names; b) sought to torture their child at roll call for their entire school life; or c) were partaking of bath salts in ill-advised ways.

The names follow a decades-old trend for replacing a simple ‘y’ or ‘ey’ with the letters ‘eigh’ … or perhaps an ‘ee’. Some parents opted for names featuring consonants – think ‘x’, ‘y’ and ‘z’.

Eat your broccoli, Camreigh!

Some of the names sounded more like Game of Thrones characters than newborn infants, while others resembled fictitious types of medication.  

However. All of the names had one thing in common: if it is called aloud, the response is sure to be “I beg your pardon?”

Here are the most common names amongst the more rare or unusual US choices …

  • Camreigh – 91 babies (!)
  • Taishmara – 38 babies
  • Kashdon – 30 babies
  • Teylie – 23 babies
  • Kassian – 22 babies
  • Kior – 20 babies
  • Aaleiya – 19 babies
  • Kamreigh – 18 babies (!)
  • Draxler – 17 babies
  • Ikeni – 17 babies
  • Noctis – 17 babies
  • Sayyora – 15 babies
  • Mohana – 13 babies
  • Daxton – 13 babies
  • Knoxlee – 12 babies
  • Amunra – 12 babies
  • Arjunreddy – 12 babies
  • Irtaza – 12 babies
  • Ledgen – 12 babies
  • Avajade – 11 babies
  • Cersei – 11 babies
  • Imona – 11 babies
  • Lunarose – 11 babies
  • Miraclle – 11 babies
  • Novahlee – 11 babies
  • Owsley – 11 babies
  • Gurbaaz – 11 babies

Thoughts and prayers to the babies who are heading into a lifetime of repeating, spelling and explaining their name eleventy-billion times. Godspeed, infants!


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