These surprising twin names have got people talking

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Popular forum Mumsnet is brilliant for checking the pulse of modern parenting issues, and a recent post about twin names got tongues wagging about how people name their twins – or multiple kids.

Same-same names

“I work in a school. we have twins coming. TWIN 1 is called: Roseanne and TWIN2 is called: Rosy. No lies. Why would you do that?” a Mumsnet user wrote.

Let’s take that in. Roseanne and Rosy. Pretty much the same name wearing different hats.

“That is not the way to go when naming twins,” another forum user piped-up. “People think of twins as a set when really they are two completely separate human beings who are individual (even if they are identity!) and deserve to be named and treated that way.”

It’s hard to know why parents might name already matching babies with names that pretty much result in the exact same nickname. Perhaps they are keen to stress how similar their babies are? Perhaps they are named in honour of two pals who had similar names? The mind boggles.

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Other commenters thought Roseanne and Rosy were not advisable, but also not super unusual because they had also encountered ‘similar name combos’ that appear to take the same-same trend a little too far.

“My ex mother-in-law was Gwendolene, her [sister] was Lynn! Both got Lynn!!” one spilt.

“I knew a set called Marie and Maria at school!” someone else wrote.

“I knew twins called Tim and Tom,” another commenter posted.

“I know of some twins named Dave and David,” a woman admitted.

Same, same but different

Some were keen to tell the tale of multiple siblings dubbed with similarly-themed names.

“I know someone with 5 girls: Shanika, Shalika, Sharika, Shamika and Shatika. I kid you not!” a forum member wrote.

Keen to join in, another commenter explained: “I went to school with a Shiraz and his siblings were Shahbaz, Shahana and Shabana.”




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