The two names we KNOW Meghan and Harry’s baby will have

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Harry and Meghan’s incoming royal baby will have TWO different surnames they can use.

All of the last names!

If we’re talking royals surnames, it seems that they’re a little more flexible, bountiful and geographical than for non-royal folk. Let us take you through it …

So Queen Elizabeth gave her kids – Charles, Anne, Andrew and Edward – the last name Mountbatten-Windsor. Shortly before their marriage, the Queen’s husband-to-be Prince Philip took the name Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten. The Mountbatten bit was the surname of  Philip’s mother’s family.

The Windsor bit refers to The House of Windsor which is the current reigning royal house. So that’s the Queen’s surname sorted.

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Why stop at one?

Next up Charles and Diana used the surname Wales for their children – because Charles is Prince of Wales. So we’ve got Harry and William Wales. Are you following?

That said, William has also used the name William Mountbatten-Windsor so it appears that you can chop and change if you’re directly in line for the crown – or quite close to being so.

Confusing, right?

Cambridge, Wales, Sussex, Mountbatten-Windsor

Then William, who was the first brother to become a dad, had babies with Kate. They go by the surname Cambridge – George Cambridge, Charlotte Cambridge and Louis Cambridge – because Will and Kate are the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. That said, they can also use the surname Mountbatten-Windsor, but it’s thought that the shorter Cambridge may be used for brevity.

And then we come to the about to be first-time parents Harry (Wales) and wife Meghan. They are the Duke and Duchess of Sussex so it’s almost certain that they’ll follow William and Kate’s example and use the Sussex surname for their bub when it comes to nursery and school enrolment. Officially though, Mountbatten-Windsor will be a more formal alternative.

Also? When William becomes King someday, he will be able to make his own rules about royal surnames. (As could Prince Charles if he takes the throne when his mum the Queen dies.)

So there you go. Meg and Haz’s baby will have the surnames Sussex AND Mountbatten-Windsor!


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