The most popular baby names of 2019 so far

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If you’re a name nerd like me, the anticipation of waiting for the list of most popular baby names to be released each year is a killer. Well, the wait is over because the baby name gurus at Nameberry update their list in real time. Oh, yeah.

Although their list can’t tell us anything about the names that are actually being given to babies, it reflects up-to-the-minute trends by giving us insight into the most searched names. So, these monikers could make their way to the top of The List in the next few years.

Without further ado, here are the top ten names for girls and boys in 2019 so far.


1. Isla

Love it sick. Isla is powerful and feminine all at once. You can only hope it’s become common enough that no-one will call her “Ice-la”, but I still think it’s worth the annoyance of correcting people.

2. Olivia

Meh – big surprise. Olivia has been hovering at the top of the list for years now. It’s nice enough, but I feel it’s had its day in the sun.

3. Posie

Well, buy me slippers and call me Dorothy! This is a shock entry. I was expecting one of the usual suspects at number three – Mia, Charlotte, Amelia or Ava – but Posie has knocked me off my chair. It’s very old-school floral and not my usual taste, but I kinda like it.

4. Aurora

What!? This list gets more exciting by the minute (told you I’m a name nerd). While the name of the Roman Goddess of the Dawn looks lovely on paper, I can never say it out loud without sounding like a Labrador with laryngitis.

5. Cora

As in Jessica Biel’s creepy character in The Sinner? Too dark. Hard pass.

6. Ada

I’m all for vintage names, but Ada is a little too nursing-home chic for my taste.

7. Maeve

Maeve is a gorgeous little Irish sobriquet with the kick-ass meaning ‘she who intoxicates’. But as with most Irish names, the pronunciation can get butchered. Only you can decide if it’s worth the headache.

8. Amara

Where did this even come from? I’ve never heard of it and it’s somehow the eighth most searched name. I must admit it leaves me very meh. I can’t help but think how Brits will say “Amahhhra” and Americans will say “Amaiiiira” and Aussies will be left scratching their heads.

9. Charlotte

Yes, me likey. Royal name. Sex and the City name. It’s a winner all around.

10. Amelia

Usual suspect. Pretty, but I’m over it.


1. Milo

Ooh, charming! A nice departure from the usual Olivers and Williams. I love that Milo was an ancient Greek wrestler – it gives an edge to this otherwise cutesy epithet.

2. Jasper

Hit the road, Jack! Jasper’s in town and he’s here to steal your crown. I’m surprised to see this gemstone name at number two. I knew it was popular with the turmeric latte-sipping crowd, but it looks like the general public is into it too.

3. Asher

I can’t say biblical names are my thang (Asher was one of Jacob’s 12 sons in the Old Testament), but this one’s not half-bad. Plus, nickname Ash is a winner.

4. Atticus

No! Stop it! I’m done with this formerly intriguing literary appellation that was unceremoniously murdered by hipsters! Done!

5. Silas

Please don’t judge me for perving on a guy who’s ten years younger than me, but the hot kid in Weeds was totally called Silas! I love this name based solely on that character.

6. Theodore

Eek. A little too stuffy for my taste. He’d be Ted in my books straight away.

7. Jack

Been there, done that, met 476 Jacks. I know the name Jack has a rich history in Australia (it originated with the diggers of WWI), but it’s been overdone.

8. Finn

Another Irish winner! Finn is too cute for words. Love.

9. Aarav

This takes the prize for most surprising entry. Aarav is a Hindi name meaning ‘peaceful’ and I love the sound of it. But how on Earth did it make it to number nine when the top ten is usually a sea of Jameses and Benjamins? Were some of those searches riddled with typos? I guess we’ll never know.

10. Felix

To me, Felix is a cat. A wonderful, wonderful cat. But I can see the appeal of this name for some parents: it’s different, it has that popular ‘X’ ending and celebs are snapping it up. It has all the elements of a modern top ten moniker.


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