The baby names Kim Kardashian rejected (including Cruella, Emily and Vuitton)

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This week’s episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians revealed a LOT more about Kim and Kanye’s baby girl – and how the couple come up with their non-traditional baby names.

“I have no baby names”

The couple’s baby was carried by a gestational carrier as health concerns meant Kim was unable to proceed with her own pregnancy. Revealing the woman was very close to delivering their much anticipated baby girl, Kim said she was far from ready.

“I have no baby names. Like, none,” she told her sisters.

“Baby names is the hardest part,” Khloé confirmed.

Cruella!” Kourtney offers, giggling.

“I kind of like one syllable,” Kim explains.

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Scouring the map

Rejecting Khloe’s “Italy, Milan and Rome” suggestions for the daughter she eventually named Chicago, Kim admits she’d already “scoured that map” for geographical baby name inspiration and come up with nada.

“Any zodiac signs?” Kim wonders aloud.

“No, that’s like the devil,” devout church-goer Kourtney nixes.

“Any biblical names?” Kim ponders, scrolling through her phone presumably looking at baby name sites just like regular mums. “Aaron. Abel. Kourtney! You’re in the bible!”

“What about MJ West?” Kourtney says, suggesting the sisters’ grandmother’s name. (It’s not such a terrible suggestion because Kim had considered this early in the piece.)

Whip it good

It seems that once Kanye’s family got involved, things got even more off base.

Kim told Kourtney, “I got the most ridiculous ideas, like Queen and Vuitton and This.”

“Kanye’s cousin is like ‘Miracle!’ and I’m like, ‘Miracle West?!’ That’s like Miracle Whip, and that’s the biggest stripper name of all time.”

“And then he’s like, ‘What about Precious?’ and I’m like, ‘Clearly we don’t have the same taste in names!'”

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“We went with Chicago”

Later in the piece, Kourtney said one of her kids thought the baby would be called … Emily!

“I told the kids her name today, Mason goes, ‘WHAT? I thought it was going to be like Emily or something!'” Kourt said, noting “Someone wrote me you should name her Gardenia.”

As Kim introduced her baby – who we now know is called Chicago – to her family in this week’s episode, she dug a little deeper into the name’s origin.

“My beautiful, little baby girl Chicago is finally here,” she announced, cradling the tiny and very gorgeous baby girl.

“The name Chicago… everyone asks me where we came up with that, and Kanye’s originally from Chicago. The city is really connected to his memory of his mom [Donda] and so we went with Chicago.”

“The moment I laid eyes on my baby I was so in love, I’m so excited to have this addition to my family,” Kim admitted. “I am the biggest fan of surrogacy”


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