Researchers just released a list of the most popular royal baby names

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Attention Harry and Meghan! The website Expedia has tracked the most popular royal baby names and there are some excellent options for the incoming baby Sussex.

Likely picks for Meg and Haz?

The Royal Central site alerted us to the fact that there was a top-of-the-pops royal baby name list floating about and we were as keen as you are to find out which names were used the most.

“Travel firm Expedia has compiled a list of the most popular baby names used by the Royal Family since the 19th century in an attempt to highlight the most likely picks for the latest royal baby,” Royal Central reports.

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What to name a royal boy?

The top five Royal baby boy names are …
Albert – there were 12 Alberts tallied amongst the royal gents
George – another super popular choice, with 10 Georges
Charles – the name of the future King AND 7 other royal gents
Edward – there were 7 Edwards tracked
Christian – 5 different Christians popped up
Other royal boy’s names in order of popularity – were Frederick, Louis, Arthur, William, Henry, Alexander, John, Philip, Douglas, Ernest, Patrick, Friederike, Auguste, Francis, Andrew, David, Augustus and Antony.

What to name a royal girl?

The top five Royal baby girl names are …

Victoria – 9 royal Victorias appeared on the list
Mary – There were 7 royal Marys
Louise – 6 Louises were counted amongst the royal ranks
Alexandra – and also 6 Alexandras
Elizabeth – the name of the current Queen was also given to 4 other royal lasses

Other girl’s names in order of royal popularity were – Alice, Margaret, Charlotte, Augusta, Helena, Maud, Agnes, Helene, Caroline, Olga, Louisa and Diana.

Making a list

As the entire universe knows, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan are expecting a baby in very late March or the first few weeks of April next year. This list could not have come at a better time for them, as they admitted on their Australian tour that they had begun checking baby name lists.

Royal watchers suspect that Harry let the cat out of the bag while in Australia and that they are expecting a baby girl, but time will tell re that.

As useful as this list is, many suspect that this royal baby might divert from the usual traditional baby names. The fact that they are not really in direct line to take the throne means that the usual conventions about royals adopting conservative or ancestral names might be loosened up a little.

And if anyone is going to loosen things up, it’s Meghan and Harry, let’s be clear!


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