Pregnant Katy Perry talks baby names and her bub’s sassy ultrasound prank

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It’s been a big, busy year for singer Katy Perry. Not only is she pregnant with her first child, due some time in the American summer, she’s also about to drop her brand new album – another baby, of sorts!

Katy and fiancé, Orlando Bloom, announced that they’re expecting their first baby together back in March 2020 and have since found out it will be a little girl.

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💕 it’s a girl 💕

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Katy’s pregnancy hasn’t slowed down her jet-setting ways, though – it took a pandemic to do that. The performer spent some time in Australia promoting her new album and performing at various events – including headlining the free Fight On concert held for firefighters and communities recently affected by the devastating Australian bushfires – before cutting her trip short due to the pandemic, and heading home to the US and into quarantine with Orlando.

“She’ll tell us”

In a recent Zoom interview with the KARSON & KENNEDY radio show, the singer revealed that while she and Orlando have some baby names shortlisted, they won’t decide on one until they meet their little girl.

“We have yet to decide specifically on her name because, I think, we’ve got options and she’ll tell us,” said Katy. “I’ll look at her and go, ‘oh yeah yeah, you are her, you are that.’”

The singer remained tight-lipped about just what those ‘options’ may be, but she did reveal that Orlando, who is already a father to son Flynn with ex-wife Miranda Kerr, is completely smitten with the idea of having a baby girl.

According to Katy, he is “really excited for a little girl. They say that little girls are, you know, Daddy’s little girl. That’s how it’s gonna be, we’ll see!”

This recent Instagram post by Orlando proves her right – the cute caption says it all, really!

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My babies blooming ❤️

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The sass is already strong with this one

Despite not announcing her pregnancy until she was quite obviously a fair way along, Katy has been happy to share regular updates about her progress since then on her Instagram account, including revealing that her Little Miss is sure to be a sassy young thing!

In a recent share of her ultrasound video, her baby girl can clearly be seen flipping her mama the bird.

“When your unborn daughter gives you a middle finger from the womb you know you’re in for it,” she captioned the Instagram post of the video adding “#happymothersdaytome😳”.

Ha! Welcome to motherhood is all we can say!

“It’s a wild time to bring life into the world”

Despite the stresses of her busy life and coronavirus, Katy is the picture of health and says she’s excited about the future.

“I’m as excited as I can be,” Katy admits about becoming a mother in 2020. “I’ve been every emotion under the sun. I’ve been overwhelmed, I’ve been anxious, I’ve been happy, I’ve been overjoyed, I’ve been depressed. I’ve been all of it.”

Katy Perry in a flowing rainbow dress in late pregnancy

“The world is just a wild time and it’s a wild time to bring life into the world. People were already having those kinds of conversations years ago where it was like, ‘man, the world feels a little uncertain,’ and now it really feels shaky boots.”

She also admits that the pressure and juggle of motherhood started at the moment she realised she was going to be a mother.

“There are a lot of rules. I mean you start sacrificing,” she admits. “You start becoming a mother, or a parent, once you conceive. Definitely.

“I’m gonna have a child, I’m gonna have a record, I don’t know which one is coming first,” Katy joked. “We’ll see.”


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