Parents shared the nuttiest kids’ names they’ve heard – and oh my LOL!

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Our brilliant and funny podcast 2 Judgy Mums is already kicking goals with modern mums and dads, and it’s also sparking some brilliant discussion on the experience of parenting.

“The craziest kids’ names you’ve heard in real life?”

To honour the chortle-inducing chatter of two of our favourite podcast hosts, we headed to Facebook to chat bonkers baby names, and find out exactly what’s going on out there in the trenches.

“What are the craziest kids names you’ve heard in real life?” we asked readers and boy oh boy did they rise to the challenge! We got a bunch of spirited responses and they were too good not to share.

“Sharmonique,” one woman piped-up on the Babyology Facebook page. “She was actually a very cool little girl”. You have to admit that’s a pretty fancy name to go by!

You told us other parents apparently turned to their faith when it came to choosing a name …

“A kid at my granddaughter’s school was called ‘God’s word’,”someone revealed. Praise be. 

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Our condolences

Names offered up verged from the substandard to the ridiculous, with uniqueness often taking precedence over wisdom. #WhyTho?

“HiHoSilver … Autumnleaf, Millieanus, Nitrogen and Oxygen twins. Triplets Locke, Key and Chain,” someone told us and when we stopped rolling around the floor laughing we spared a thought for some of those kids.

Some parents really took their passions to a whole other level, as this mum told us.

“During a midnight chat in special care nursery one night with one of the nurses after I had my premmie baby, she told me she had a couple that were Harry Potter fans,” she explained. “So you’d be thinking Harry? Ron? Hermione even? Nope, they named the kid Dumbledore. She swore it was true!”

It’s a total thing!

Honestly? It’s not the first time we’ve raised eyebrows at baby naming trends.

Remember the time we told you millennial were choosing baby names according to whether the dot-com was available?

And that time people were calling their kids Babyboy and Babygirl?  

And gosh, how about all those South Australian Brentons we told you about?!

25 very unusual baby names

Riffing off the whole “oh no you di’nt” theme here are 25 other brilliant baby name gems you shared with us. Maybe you’ll find your next pub’s moniker amongst them?! #OrNot

  1. Dagger
  2. Xxxxst – pronounced forest
  3. Strangé
  4. Harley-Quinn
  5. Kerotene. Pronounced “Ker-rot-tenny”  
  6. Zinko
  7. Karaoke
  8. Endless Love
  9. Favour
  10. Godswill
  11. Shadynasty
  12. Sovereign
  13. Journey
  14. Kaiser
  15. Kaige
  16. Fury
  17. Tara-Dactyl
  18. Cherry Pie
  19. Peaches.
  20. Tia Maria
  21. Jim Beam
  22. Heli (brother was Copter)
  23. Justus
  24. Nedloh (Holden spelt backwards)
  25. Cru

Land sakes. It takes all sorts, right?! 

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