Debate is swirling about whether ‘Tree’ is a nice name for a baby

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We’re always interested in unusual baby names, so this thread on whether the name ‘Tree’ would be a good choice for a bub really piqued our interest.

A lovely girl’s name?

Not only is it a name that we’ve not really heard much of before – unless you count Teresa from The Real Housewives of New Jersey’s nickname – it’s being hotly debated by people who are divided over its merit.

It all started when a Mumsnet user “thought of” what she considered a brilliant name for a baby girl. 

“Tree,” the commenter posted earnestly. “I thought of this lovely girl’s name today so thought I would share as I’ve never heard it as a name or even suggested as a name. It would also be a lovely middle name.”

“It just popped into my head and I love it,” she continued. “I prefer shorter names though so dislike Teresa. I’m not having any more [children] though so thought I would share as it is never suggested as a nature theme name and sounds fresh, simple and modern.”

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Tree hugger

This was not a case of simply seeing an object and deciding it could provide inspiration for a baby name. The Tree suggester had really put a lot of thought into it.

“I know it won’t be to everyone’s taste but I think it would be the type one could grow to like,” the Tree inventor continued.

“It is short. Ends with the popular ‘ee’ sound. Rhymes with many other popular names. Has nice imagery attached. Strong positive values tied to it.”

Not gonna lie there was a lot of head shaking in the comments as people weighed in on whether Tree was indeed a “lovely girl’s name”. Indeed some people thought the person was trolling the popular forum.

“I can’t tell if your genuine or trolling us,” one posted amidst the Tree chatter.

mum and baby outdoors

Why not?

Turns out not everyone was in the Tree-hater camp, which might be what you’d assume. Some people were practically Tree-huggers, in fact.

“I quite like it,” one commenter posted. “When kids are called Oak Meadow and Bramble etc. Why is Tree any worse. However, I’d put a more formal name on the BC. Catrina or Teresa.”

“I went to uni with a girl called Tree,” someone else wrote. “I think her name was Tracy really. As far as I know, she’s a super successful something or other in New York now.”

“Tree is not a name I would pick,” another person decided, “but Twiggy did OK with her name.”

Hell no!

But for others, Tree felt like a silly choice and the post a bit of an attention-seeking grab.

“There is a reason why you’ve never heard of or met anyone called Tree,” one person wrote.

“Willow sounds much nicer. Tree isn’t a particularly nice sounding word, much as I love trees,” someone else weighed in gently.

“I prefer twig or bush personally. I don’t know what you’re on OP, hope the trip was worth it,” one parent posted.

“Is that you, Gwyneth?” another commenter quipped.


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