Could these be the worst baby names of 2019?

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We love a popular baby name list as much as the next parenting site, but when this list of the WORST baby names popped up we couldn’t resist taking a peek. (And we figured you’d probably feel the same way!)

The worst baby names?

Parents magazine shared the list noting that rather than making fun of names, they were hoping to save a bunch of people a lot of grief.

“These are the baby names we hope not to see on next year’s most popular list for the sake of both society and your kid’s future first-grade teacher who will have to memorise how to spell it.”

They chose baby names that actual parents have given to their offspring and urged others NOT to do the same.

So let’s get down to it and find out what you shouldn’t name your bub.

On the list of the worst boys’ names were monikers such as …

Axis – A name that it’s suggested is synonymous with the phrase “axis of evil”. #truth

Manson – I think we all know this one is a bad idea. Please do not call your child Manson, mums and dads.

Pinches – Not only something that feels very, very bad, but also something we should not name little boys.

Stylez – It’s a little bit One Direction, a little bit Electric Boogaloo and a lot NOT for babies.

What not to name your baby?

How about the girls, you might be wondering. On this list of the worst girls’ names were …

Mattel – As we know this is a brand name, not a baby name and what were they even thinking?

CyncereParents magazine hated it. I’m not hating it as much. Do you hate it?

Vegas – If you want your baby to summon thoughts of Elvis impersonators and bucks’ weekends, go for it.

Starlett – Because of course you want more for your daughter than this tawdry life-long label.

So now you can’t say we didn’t tell you, right?

If you’d like to view the full list, head over to Parents magazine. Be prepared for long-winded names, ‘alternative’ spellings and generally ill-thought-out catastrophes.


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