Bellissimo! 40 beautiful Italian baby names

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Glorious food and fashion is not all Italy has to offer the rest of the world.

Perhaps almost as beautiful as the people themselves are their names, many of which seem to roll off the tongue like a one-word poem.

And just try saying names like Alessandra and Giovanni without trying out your best version of an Italian accent.

And while some Italian classic handles have saturated the world over – who hasn’t met a Bianca, Donna, Maria or Mia in their lifetime? – there are other lesser-known names with an Italian origin that deserve wider usage.

Italian names have put their stamp on popular culture thanks to leading fashion designers such as Gianni Versace and Giorgio Armani, and a Hollywood movie industry full of Italian American actors, including Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, Sofia Coppola and Christina Ricci.

Here are some of our favourite Italian names we’ve heard being used in Australia.

20 favourite Italian names in common usage in Australia


  1. Luca
  2. Antonio
  3. Rocco
  4. Angelo
  5. Eduardo
  6. Franco
  7. Giorgio
  8. Lorenzo
  9. Romeo
  10. Marco


  1. Isabella
  2. Angelica
  3. Sofia
  4. Rosalie
  5. Siena
  6. Angela
  7. Serena
  8. Francesca
  9. Nicola
  10. Sabrina


20 Italian baby names you may not have considered

And here are some of our favourite Italian monikers not in common use in Australia but certainly deserve to be!


  1. Enrico
  2. Santino
  3. Alessio
  4. Alfredo
  5. Gabriel
  6. Allesandro
  7. Matteo
  8. Leone
  9. Giacomo
  10. Pasquale


  1. Chiara
  2. Pietra
  3. Serafina
  4. Luciana
  5. Tazia
  6. Sancia
  7. Oriana
  8. Nicia
  9. Ariana
  10. Gia

The list of Italian names could go on and we’ve already seen what inspiration other countries such as America can offer so no matter where you live in the world, so if you’re still in search of the perfect name, why not look abroad?!


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