30 baby names inspired by Hollywood greats

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If you want your baby’s name to reflect the grace and beauty of a leading lady or the poise and charm of of a man owning the scene, you need only look to true Hollywood royalty for inspiration.

Whether they can tap dance like Fred Astaire, sing like Judy Garland, evoke laughter like Charlie Chaplin or capture attention like Marilyn Monroe, a name that looks good in lights can truly reflect the star you know them to be regardless of where life takes them.

Here are 30 names we found inspired by Hollywood greats


  1. Audrey (Hepburn)
  2. Marilyn (Monroe)
  3. Judy (Garland)
  4. Jean (Harlow)
  5. Elizabeth (Taylor)
  6. Lucille (Ball)
  7. Vivien (Leigh)
  8. Doris (Day)
  9. Ginger (Rogers)
  10. Bette (Davis)
  11. Shirley (Temple)
  12. Grace (Kelly)
  13. Ava (Gardner)
  14. Greta (Garbo)
  15. Lana (Turner)


  1. Clark (Gable)
  2. Charlie (Chaplin)
  3. Humphrey (Bogart)
  4. Fred (Astaire)
  5. Frank (Sinatra)
  6. Spencer (Tracy)
  7. Errol (Flynn)
  8. Bing (Crosby)
  9. Cary (Grant)
  10. Laurence (Olivier)
  11. James (Dean)
  12. Sidney (Poitier)
  13. Charlton (Heston)
  14. Rock (Hudson)
  15. Gregory (Peck)


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