20 ‘wildcard’ baby name predictions for 2019

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Tell me one thing more challenging as a parent than coming up with a name for your baby? 

Well, except for coming up with a name for your baby that you both agree on!

Baby naming is a tough gig. Each name has to be absolutely perfect. It needs to reflect the values and personality and hopes and dreams you wish for your child. But also, not-too predictable.

Is that too much to ask for? LOL.

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Apparently, super unique baby names, AKA wildcard baby names, are gaining popularity every single year.

NB: Wildcard bay names are basically names for people who like to think outside the baby name box and steer away from some of the more traditional choices.

Not only does that fact make baby name prediction punters job harder than ever, it also means there are SO many more names out there for parents to umm and ahh over.

Despite parents’ best efforts to find a unique name, names.org has reported there are some new trends appearing featuring names that might not have been as popular in recent years. 

Drum roll please!

Here are the (predicted) most popular wildcard baby names of 2019.


From where we are standing some of these names have a distinctly old testament feel. With a dash of Latin and old-school Britain thrown into the mix. They manage to be soft and masculine at the same time. A good harbinger for the generation to come, yes? 

1. Ezekiel

2. Maverick

3. Jameson

4. Ezra

5. Mateo

6. Elias

7. Theodore

8. Asher

9. Santiago

10. Sawyer

11. Grayson

12. Josiah

13. Greyson

14. Easton

15. Leo


One of the loveliest aspects of this list of girls names is they feel more gender-neutral than in years gone by. With a few references to the astrological and mother earth thrown into the mix. This list is a definitive concoction of strength, power and femininity, all rolled into one.

1. Nova

2. Everly

3. Kinsley

4. Willow

5. Aurora

6. Luna

7. Emilia

8. Valentina

9. Hazel

10. Quinn

11. Amelia

12. Eliana

13. Stella

14. Naomi

15. Paisley

And that’s a wrap! 

Feeling inspired? 

Here’s hoping you can add some of these names to your baby name discussions.

You never know, these creative names may just be the one you’ve been looking for!


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