20 fire-inspired baby names that are sure to create a spark

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Are you searching for a name for your little belly-dweller that comes with a bit of fire or spark?

Perhaps a name for a little Leo baby or Sagittarius child? Or maybe it’s that you’re a big fan of getting cosy next to a fire and toasting marshmallows. Whatever the reason, if you’re after a baby name that means fire, we have some great suggestions for you. 

Top 10 fire-inspired boys’ names 

1. Flint – This is an English name that means stream, however, Flint also happens to be a fire-starting quartz. It’s a pretty rare name, too, which means you’re less likely to have doubles in a classroom.

2. Ignatius – This name means ‘fire’, and comes from Latin roots given to the name of the Saint who was remembered as a spiritual director. And hey, Iggy for short is a pretty cute nickname.

3. Brantley – Coming from the old German word for ‘brand’, it has meanings related to ‘fiery torch’.

4. Aidan – Literally translated into meaning ‘little fiery one’, this name is considered the anglicised spelling of the classic Celtic name, its Irish roots rich in tradition.

5. Blaze – Stripped of its traditional French spelling, blasé, this name is sure to leave an unmistakable red-hot image, absolutely perfect for a little one with a big personality.

6. Phoenix – Named after the mythological tale of the bird that is consumed by fire and then reborn from its ashes, this is a powerful name for a little one full of spirit and energy.

7. Mishal – Of Arabic origin, this name means ‘torch’ and we think it holds gentle yet potent promise for a little boy.

8. Keegan – The Gaelic form of Aodh (fire), this name translates to ‘little fire’. We also think the shortened version, Egan, is great too.

9. Leo – One of the foremost names relating to the fire element, this name is after the zodiac and would suit a vivacious little fellow.

10. Fintan – This name comes from Ireland and means ‘white fire’. Shortened to Finn, it is a name that is both unique and powerful. 

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Top 10 fire-inspired girls’ names 

1. Enya – Made famous by the ethereal Irish singer, this name is whimsical and translates to ‘little fire’, which we believe definitely has the right spark for a little girl.

2. Scarlett – The passionate colour of red linked to flames, this beautiful name is pretty sounding and also fiery for your little girl.

3. Soleil – Properly pronounced “soh-LAY”, this French name is a unique and uncommon beautiful choice for an audacious little darling.

4. Brigid – Named after the ancient Celtic goddess of fire, this name is wild and warrior-like in nature, perfect for a blazing daughter.

5. Cali – Never underestimate the beauty of little names, this is short for Calida which means ‘fiery’ in Latin.

6. Seraphina – Named for the highest-ranking angels, this name means ‘ardent’ and was made famous by celebrity parents Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck for naming their second daughter.

7. Mirri – This cute-as-a-button name comes from the Goonayandi word for the sun, and would be an asset to any bright little wonder.

8. Sienna – Another beautiful name describing the fiery pigment, this name means ‘orange-red’ and is full of warmth and comfort.

9. Ember – Based on the word for a ‘spark’ or a low flame, this contemporary name is an update to Amber and Kimberly and quite frankly, we prefer it too!

10. Kenna – This name is of American, Irish and Gaelic origin and it means ‘fire-born’, and it could very well suit your fiery little darling. 

These are our top 20 fire-inspired names for babies. Which fiery one is your favourite?

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