Tiff Hall and Ed Kavalee: Naming babies, favourite “firsts” and being in love

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Personal trainer and TV presenter Tiffiny Hall joins her husband comedian Ed Kavalee to talk parenting with host Shevonne Hunt on The Parent Panel. While they don’t talk about being in love, the way they express their appreciation for each other is obvious throughout the whole show.

On this episode includes chat about:

  • How you found the right name for your first child (Arnold)
  • What characteristics you’d like your son to inherit from his parents
  • The unspoken words you’d say to your partner
  • Your favourite first of Arnold’s life

Listen to Tiffiny Hall and Ed Kavalee on The Parent Panel:

Finding the right name for your baby

Coming up with a name for your newborn can be challenging. They are going to have that name for the rest of their life, plus you and your partner need to agree on a name.

AFL player Trent Cochin and his wife Brooke have asked fans to vote on a name after family and friends reacted badly to their chosen name Becker. They’re not the only ones to ask fans to help choose a name, Bachelor in Paradise stars Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert used a similar system to name their son. 

How did you come up with your son’s name? If you have another child, how will you find a name? Would you ever use a voting system to choose one? 

Passing on family genes

This week fans are going crazy over a new Bachie baby. The Bachelor’s Laura Byrne and Matty J have had a little baby girl. But what fans are excited about is how much the baby looks like… both of them. In some photos she has exactly the same expression as her dad, in others she’s the spitting image of her mum. 

Looks aside, if you could pass on any of your characteristics to child- what would they be? Has he taken on any of your characteristics already? 

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When parents become ships in the night

Babyology writer Lana Hallowes has written a beautiful letter to her partner. It’s about when parenting can sap all the energy out of you, so that you don’t have the brain space to tell your partner how you really feel. When it’s been a busy, hard day. When you get wrapped up in the day-to-day of keeping small humans alive. 

What would you say to your partner that you don’t say often enough in the day-to-day of living? What is the thing you appreciate most about the other? 

Favourite first moment 

Ed and Tiff have created a picture book, A first time for everything, that goes through many of the first moments parents experience with a new baby. 

What is your favourite first with your child so far? 


Tiffiny Hall– on Instagram @tiffhall_xo her website is tiffinyhall.com.au

Ed Kavalee– Is not on social media


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