Maggie McTeggart and Matt Baseley: Career changes, noisy kids and more

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Popular lifestyle blogger Maggie McTeggart and Sydney Weekender presenter Matt Basely join The Parent Panel host Shevonne Hunt to chat about the trials and tribulations of being a parent today.

On this episode they discuss:

  • How has becoming a parent impacted your career?
  • Should parents be apologising for noisy kids?
  • Is it ever okay to steal someone else’s baby name?
  • Tree wees: yay or nay?

Listen to Maggie McTeggart and Matt Baseley on The Parent Panel:

How have babies affected your career? 

Laura Klein, a Brisbane Mum, made a fortune selling battery operated snot suckers for babies. 

Her so-called ‘side-hustle’ was so successful she quit her career as a teacher and is now a million-dollar business owner, proving that having a baby can actually be great for your career.

Unfortunately, there are two sides to the coin. Many people, women, in particular, find that having babies can set them back in their career goals. 

What are the best and worst things that becoming a parent has done for your career? 

Are there times when children should be seen and not heard? 

On a flight to New Zealand, a mum of a nine-month-old gave the passenger in front of her a bag of chocolates and a note apologising for any future noise the child might make on the trip. When the passenger posted it to Twitter he got a lot of mixed reactions. Some praising the parents for such a thoughtful gesture, and others saying it was sad they felt they had to apologise for their baby. 

Do you think parents should make these kinds of gestures when travelling with babies, or should the general population be more accepting of small children? Have you ever had a difficult experience on a flight and wished you had thought of using a similar tactic? 

Is it ever okay to steal a friend’s baby name?

Choosing a name for your baby can be a daunting prospect. After all, chances are they will have the name you give them for the rest of their lives. If you are doing this parenting thing with another adult, you both need to agree on a name. Sometimes it’s a family name with deep tradition attached. Whatever the case, most of us feel strongly about the name we choose for our child. So what happens when you tell someone that name, and they then use that name for their child (born before yours)?

Is that a defining friendship moment (as in, you will no longer be friends anymore)? Do you stick to your name? Or do you choose a different name altogether?

Is it okay for kids to wee on trees?

A dad recently asked on Reddit when it’s appropriate to allow his son to pee on a tree. Opinions were divided. Some said it was never appropriate, others said that sometimes when a little boy needs to go, he needs to go! There were still more who said it was a double standard, as no one let little girls wee on trees.  

When is it okay for little boys to do tree wees? Should girls be allowed to do it too? At what age should they stop doing tree wees? What about gutters or drains? 


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