Holly Wainwright and Merrick Watts: Lessons to live by and the honesty of kids

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Mamamia‘s Holly Wainwright and comedian Merrick Watts join The Parent Panel presenter Shevonne Hunt to tackle topics close a parent’s heart.

These include:

  • What helped you get through the first weeks of parenting?
  • Childhood experiences you’d like to give your child (and the lessons they’d learn)
  • Is parenting the most important job in the world?
  • When has your child said something you wish you’d be able to say yourself – but couldn’t?

Listen to Holly Wainwright and Merrick Watts on The Parent Panel:

Surviving the first weeks of parenting

Since giving birth several weeks ago, comedian Amy Schumer has been posting some very real images of life after childbirth.

There are shots of her on the toilet, pumping and now – in her hospital underwear.

The undies shot was accompanied by a tribute to the comfy grundies that are getting her through the hard stuff. 

What was it that got you through those early weeks of parenthood? 

Creating childhood experiences and lessons

Re-Wild Your Child is a camp where you can take your kids and let them go crazy in the bush. Host Shevonne Hunt has always loved nature, but is not so great out in it herself.  Re-Wild Your Child offers parents an opportunity to take their kids camping with a group of people who design activities for children to get back in touch with nature and to be as free as children should be.

If there was an experience you’d like your child/children to have, that you’d not be able to offer them without assistance – what would it be? Why? What are you hoping they will learn? What do you think you will learn in the process? 

The importance of parenting

Recently, the Instagram account Humans of New York posted an image of a mother with her toddler. The woman was a former emergency doctor, who admitted that the first years of parenting were quite challenging. She also said, “If some people love parenting, that’s very lucky. There are certainly moments when it’s wonderful. But to believe motherhood is the most important job in the world, you’d have to believe your child is the most important person in the world.”

Cue online outrage.

Many people disputing her claim say that parenthood is the most important job because you are raising another human who will go on to make their own impact – good or bad – on the world. 

Is being a parent the most important job in the world?  

When kids have no filter

A video has gone viral after a father filmed his son on a plane complaining about the passenger behind him and their “stinky feet”. A woman behind the four-year-old boy had taken her shoes off and stuck them up on the back of his armchair.

When has your child said something you wish you’d been able to say?


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