Amy Taylor-Kabbaz and Eddie Woo: Climate change, Kardashian cubbies and babies

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Author and matrescence educator Amy Taylor-Kabbaz and maths YouTube sensation Eddie Woo join presenter Shevonne Hunt to talk about the week that was.

This week that includes:

  • What kids are saying about climate change
  • When is it the right time to have a baby?
  • What would you buy your kids if you had oodles of cash?
  • All the good things new parents can look forward to

Listen to Amy Taylor-Kabbaz and Eddie Woo on The Parent Panel:

How did the global climate strike impact your family?

On Friday children around the world went on strike for the environment. Many politicians and adults have added their voices to why children should or shouldn’t be striking for climate change. But what does this look like at the grassroots level?

Did any of your children want to strike, or go to the strike? What kinds of conversations are you having in your family about climate change?

When is the ‘right’ time to have a baby?

This week author Cleo Wade started a discussion online about when it’s the right time to have a baby. When announcing her pregnancy, a follower asked her why she chose to start a family at the peak of her career. Cleo responded by saying there are many other things of value that should be taken into consideration, like support for working parents and gender workplace equity. All things that would play into whether a child would impact on her career trajectory or not.

Having children usually involves sacrifice. Not every career is compatible with children, and sometimes they come along at the most inopportune times.

When you decided to have your first baby, what impact did it have on the rest of your life? Did it change your career path (or that of your partner)? What kind of sacrifices did you have to make (if any)?

If you had oodles of cash …

Kourtney Kardashian has just revealed her kids’ playhouse to the world. It’s a sleek small home with throw rugs and toys scattered about. It’s beautiful.

If you had oodles of cash, what would you buy your kids?

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The good stuff awaiting new parents

Any parent awaiting the birth of their first child gets told plenty of things – mainly about how they will never sleep again. Sometimes we’re so keen to warn new parents of what’s to come that we forget to tell them about all the good stuff too. This week Babyology writer Lana Hallowes outlined all the things new parents can look forward to.


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